Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have Teeth, Will Chew

Have I mentioned that the Babby family has instituted a spending freeze until further notice? In some families, only the adults participate in the freeze, and the kids still get to have their assorted treats. The Babby family, however, is unified in its commitment to save a little dough, and that means Paloma is participating along with us grownups. Oh, we still buy butt rash cream and other necessities, including disposable diapers as necessary. But no more adding to the cache of sippy cups to see if Paloma will finally take to one (good thing, too, considering that she did take to one... the one we got for free) or throwing down cash for all that's necessary to make an Easter basket she won't remember anyway.

One of the big expenses we're trying to curtail is baby food. I mentioned the other day that we still go in for jarred food now and then, and we probably still will. The thing is, I don't just want to ditch the jars... I want to ditch the whole concept of purees. Paloma now has 11 teeth (with the 12th on its way, I'd wager, judging by Paloma's attitude) and is quite capable of eating some surprising things. She can polish off a good bit of a carrot... just a plain old organic carrot, not cooked or anything.

Paloma loves her carrots

To that end, we've been grinding less foods, though I still grind and freeze bean soups and lentils and other things that will pass through Paloma's system relatively undigested unless pre-processed. The carrot falls into that category, but I consider the carrot a practice food in its raw state. Other than that, though, we're embarking upon a course of real foods. With all those teeth, it just seems wasteful to keep buying boring vegetable and fruit purees when we could fuel babby's massive energy stores other ways.

Oh, man, does she ever love that slide


  1. I think you're on the right track! Baby food can be very expensive.

    If you're trying to find something to do with all those jars, you might consider trying to sell them to people who do crafts. They make excellent storage jars for things like beads, glitter and the like.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Gilliauna! I'll probably end up Freecycling the jars I don't use to store my own screws, nails, etc.. It never did occur to me that someone else might want them.

  3. My oldest daughter went through a stage (when she was a little older than Paloma) where she would only eat things a horse would eat: carrots, apples, oats, etc. It was hilarious--and cheap!

    So, I agree...ditch the jars! Those raw carrots probably feel good on her little swollen gums anyway. (And, can I just say, she's PRECIOUS!?!)

  4. She is beautiful. Isn't it fun to watch them start to learn all those new things. So exciting!

  5. @Emily Horse food! Love it!

    @Life with Kaishon Definitely the best part of having a baby!

  6. Stopping in from SITS!
    Such a sweet little girl!
    Oh and for my little ones I skipped baby food all together. never even went down the isle :). They just got to have what they could from my plate, and if nothing was appropriate then a can of low sodium veggies was cracked open. I hate canned veggies but they are really soft and easy for babies (think peas and green beans) and they last for ALOT of meals :)


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