Friday, April 30, 2010

Just More Proof That Drop-Side Cribs Need to Go the Way of the Dodo

Once upon a time, Paloma had a drop-side crib.

It was a gift, but nothing fancy. Paloma, having been born early, arrived before we bought a crib (or set up a nursery or even chose a room for her, but that's another story) and my dad was kind enough to buy us a crib/changing table set from a department store. It did the job... until Paloma learned to kick with intention and to pivot on her back. More than once, she managed to kick the drop-side out of its track, leaving a gap that she could have wedged herself into had she tried.

It was unbranded, but when the big Stork Craft recall went down because their crib drop-sides were doing what our crib drop-side was doing and killed four babies, I thought "Maybe we have a Stork Craft, maybe not, but either way I don't want a killer crib." Long story short, after a short discussion regarding finances, the BabbyDaddy and I went out and bought a lovely crib sort of like this gorgeous (and safe) one with fixed sides that will become a toddler bed and then a full-size bed (yeah, we bought the bed rails).

Pulling to a stand in her new crib

Now thousands of Simplicity and Graco cribs have been recalled today because the drop-side detached, leaving that same dangerous gap that caused the Stork Craft deaths and prompted us to trash our old crib. One baby was killed in this instance, and Simplicity has been part of nearly a dozen recalls and 13 deaths since 2005. Bleargh. Yes, blame Simplicity and Graco and LaJobi and Stork Craft and whoever made our unbranded crib from the department store, but how many drop-side issues have to make the news before people stop buying them?


  1. just stopping by from sits to say hello.

    isn't that scary? we don't have a drop side crib but man! that's a lot of people who do!

  2. I must be lazy. We don't have a drop side, the mattress is what drops on ours, but I think that even if we hadn't gone shopping via Craigslist for our crib I wouldn't want a drop side anyway. Who wants to raise and lower and raise and lower and raise and lower the side when you can just lift your kid up?

  3. @AndreaLeigh Thanks for stopping by! A lot of people still do have them, and there's still a lot of people making them. According to the owner of the shop where we bought our non-drop-side crib, they're being phased out, but it's gradual. A lot of manufacturers have apparently stopped making them.

    @Audrey I guess I understand the allure of the drop-side a little bit. We have our crib on the lowest mattress setting and it's sometimes a tad hard for me to put a sleeping P. in without waking her up and I actually hurt my back doing it once. But it's not like it's some great trial to lay her down. And the thing is even when we had the drop-side and the mattress low, we never even used the function - I had no clue how to lower the side.

  4. since we still 100% co-sleep, I haven't thought much about the drop side crib.
    HOWEVER, I do think if we start using it, I'm gonna just take my existing one, drill some countersunk holes into it and put a big giant bolt through it (in four places).
    That way I don't have to trash our rather nice crib...
    I don't think we have an affected crib though. I've looked at the failing designs and they aren't the same as ours.


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