Saturday, April 3, 2010

She Helped By Not Doing Anything At All

My babby has a bee in her bonnet lately, and we're not quite sure what the deal is. One second, she's happy as a clam, and the next, she's crying inconsolably, rejecting offers of Soothies, food, boobage, toys, and everything else. That said, when she wasn't having a little screamfest today, she was cheerful and, more importantly (at least today), tolerant of our working outdoors in the yard and garden.

...even if she wouldn't wear her little sunglasses.

No pictures, please

Still, she wore her hat, hung out on my back for about 45 minutes as I raked, and then played in the Joovy Room2 for quite some time while I cleaned up the front yard and Tedd prepared the food garden for the eventual seedlings. The one thing we did plant today was our tiny raspberry bush, and we did water what we are almost positive are broccoli seedlings, so along with all the clearing we accomplished quite a bit. All thanks to Paloma being happy enough looking out at the world through the mesh of her babyjail.

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