Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For the first time in our parental lives, the BabbyDaddy and I have found ourselves spelling a word so as not to give the Babby undue expectations. That word is "up," and when Paloma hears "up," she wants up. Immediately. Even if it means turning her attention away from something she's been enjoying up until that moment.

I guess that means I'm a grownup now?


  1. Pretty soon spelling won't be enough; you and Daddy'll have to learn a new language and not teach it to Babby. But then she'll pick up on that, too, and you'll basically be screwed. :~þ

  2. I remember the first time I went home to my family's house and tried spelling around my littlest brothers and sisters, all of whom had grown up a lot in my absence. They just laughed at me!

  3. I used spelling for a long time- now it doesn't work since my son is reading & writing and knows what I'm saying haha!! :) But it should work well for you for a while hehe!! Your blog is adorable, by the way!
    xoxox Holly


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