Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Babby Is Babby Is Babby?

Inspired by this post, I wanted to share some of the nicknames I have for the Babby. We don't, you may be surprised to hear, actually call her the Babby. This blog was named for a certain meme that some of you will remember with giggles in your heart, while others will discover it because of this post and say "Double-you tee eff?" I still cannot watch the video without cracking up, and I cannot hear someone say "I'm sorry for your loss" without whispering "Lots" under my breath which makes me a truly terrible person. I blame the Internet for my moral deficiencies.

But back to nicknames... for your enjoyment, here's a list of some of the things I call the Babby when I'm feeling silly or lovey-dovey or even sometimes kind of annoyed:

  • Paloma the P.
  • Sweetie P.
  • Pidgeon or Pidge
  • Doctor Babygonapus
  • Darlin'
  • Hunabun
  • Chickchickchick

So what are some of the names you call your baby/babies/furbabies (I can't believe I just wrote that, but there you are)? Give me nickname inspiration!


  1. Loma-Loma!
    Crazy Baby!

    I feel like there's a lot of other ones but most of our conversations end up being animal sounds back and forth.

  2. In spite of Katherine's young age, I've developed a near-infinite number of nicknames for her. I tend to do this with everyone/thing, so it's not really that surprising. Regardless, onward and upward:

    Little Katherine
    Little Kathy
    Baby Butt
    Fussy Butt
    Sugarlump (anagram-tastic!!)
    Physisipus (imagine a platypus in a lab coat)
    Wiggle Baby
    Wiggle Puppy

    I'd say that "Physisipus" and "Puppy" are currently used with the highest frequency.

    Poor girl is never going to learn her real name.

  3. When she was really little, I called her "piglet" for about a week because she made these really cute grunting noises while feeding.

  4. John will forever be known as "Peanut" or "Pea". We once tried graduating him to "Macadamia Nut", but it didn't stick.

  5. Astrid's [human baby] nicknames are:
    The Squeaker, or Squeak for short
    When she was just born we called her Burrito because there was more wrapping than baby.

    Anubis [dog] also goes by:
    Bacon, or Anubis Bacon! when he's bad

    Tycho [dog] is also known as:
    Smooooooth Collie
    Tycho Maximillan! when he's bad


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