Friday, May 7, 2010

Milk=Juice... More=Done

Baby signs are fun. We use a couple of baby signs to augment Paloma's limited imperative vocabulary, and it works out well for the most part. However, the Babby likes using pretty much any mode of communication, from yelling and pointing to saying "SNACK!" as necessary, and that means she wants to apply her signs to as many objects and actions as possible.
The sign for milk was once upon a time applied only to nursing. Now the sign for milk might mean that Paloma wants to nurse a bit (even if the bit equals roughly thirty seconds before she rolls away and then ambles off leaving my boob hanging out for all the world to see) or that she wants a drink from her sippy cup or even that she wants a sip of whatever it is that I'm drinking. Likewise, the signs for more and done have become one massive megasign that will almost always mean done, not more, but occasionally will mean more. Usually when there isn't anymore. And that particular makeshift sign cracks the Babby up for some unknown reason... at least when we do it.

US: Paloma, are you done? *does sign for done*
BABBY: Ahahahahaha!
US: All done? *repeats sign, helps Paloma do the sign*
BABBY: Ahahahaha!
US: Please just tell me if you're done... All done? Done?
BABBY: Duh! Duh!

Er, baby signs... Fun. But useful? Not so much, particularly since Paloma started using words right around the same time she started really using signs.


  1. Too funny! My daughter began using words at about the same rate as signs as well, so usually she just ended up doing both together, haha. Oh well. Good for us for trying! :)


  2. @Tabitha Different time... different babies, might have worked. I know a few moms who really got a lot out of baby signing!


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