Thursday, May 6, 2010

Searching For the Perfect Double Stroller... In Advance

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If you know me and the BabbyDaddy, you likely know that we're planning on having two children. When I write that, there's a part of my brain that says "At least," but I know that's not true since we've already discussed the Big Snip as a set eventuality. And the weird thing is that I don't even want more than two kids. Big family... er... My dad has six other kids and while a big family can be joyful, it also turns a person's hair gray like nothing else can.

I used to be a big fan of boys - so sue me, I had a preference, but boys don't need to deal with periods or getting boobies or feeling fat or having greasy old construction workers whistling at them when they're 12 - but now when I think of FutureBabby, I imagine a sister for Paloma. I even kind of have a name picked out, one that came to me in a dream. Which means that FutureBabby will be a boy, just my luck, since we through no fault of our own have way too much pink gear.
Sometimes the double stroller enthuses no one
All that rambling was just a way of transitioning to talk of double strollers, over which I have been drooling lately. Seriously, I cannot go to the mall without ogling all the double strollers, from the Mountain Buggies(lust!) to the Bob strollers. I do own a half stake in a used Peg Perego double stroller, that thing is wiiiiiiide and sometimes a little rough to maneuver. We discussed selling our other strollers, eventually, to fund a Phil and Ted stroller and the kit to turn it into a double, but I recently realized that none of those options are exactly perfect.
Cold weather walks rock!
See, perfection already exists in the stroller world in the Quinny Buzz. For real, it is the best stroller ever ever ever. I know not everyone would agree with me, so I'll amend that to say it is the best stroller for *me*. I'm an all-weather walker and the tires can handle rain and even snow (like where my down the street neighbors don't shovel their whole walk) without losing much in the way of maneuverability. And there's the sweet "foot muff" that's actually just a total mummy bag insert. The great rain cover. Etc. My double stroller dream is to sell my Buzz for a Quinny tandem, except that is a product that doesn't exist yet. Poo. I finally got around to asking Quinny if they were working on a double stroller, and they are. Squee! They just need to have it on the market in, oh, the next year to year and a half!

...I am such a Quinny Buzz (and Quinny Zapp) fangirl.


  1. Before you go all tandem stroller crazy, consider old will Paloma likely be when Futurebaby comes? Because at a year and a half Everett doesn't much use his stroller anymore, and when this baby comes he'll be two so even less likely to use it. And even if there are crazy crowded whatevers that I'll need to stroller him in for (Renfest comes to mind, but I'm a dork that way), we'll have the sling for the new baby and then the stroller for him. By the time our baby is too heavy for the sling there's no way Everett will need a stroller to walk (not run) by our side. Just something to consider - I'm not trying to dash your tandem dreams. :D

  2. Since I am the cheapest of cheapskates and make the thriftiest product into my "favorite and best productfor me everrr" out of sheer stubbornness, I think I'm going to pick up a sit and stand. There's one used for $70 at the place near Saver's.

  3. Bless you for choosing a tandem. As a pedestrian with a single stroller (or even just walking alone), I hate double-wides since they take up the whole sidewalk and I end up in traffic. If we end up with a second one, we would probably go for something like the Joovy Caboose or maybe get one of those boards for kids to stand on that attach to existing strollers.

  4. @Audrey Smart. Indeed, we are still considering not ever going tandem - since we <3 our wrap and Paloma will be quite mobile by then. Long story short, IUD is coming out in August and we'll take it from there. And, hhe, re: tandem dreams, NOT having to spend a gazillion dollars on a stroller is also a dream of mine ;-)

    @RG Yeah, those are pretty rad. Then bigkid can go on and off at will. What place by Savers? There a baby consignment near there?

    @zophos Hmmm, Joovy Caboos, eh? My second favorite baby gear company is Joovy, actually, because the Room2 is the best freaking ever playpen. Their stuff seems to be all about great design. Okay, now that stroller is my new favorite thing.

  5. Yeah, there's a Children's Orchard there.

    If you want the Joovy, just make sure you check it out - when I was reading some of the reviews for all the major double inline strollers, the Joovy had some bad comments because if you have an infant seat, it's impossible for the larger child to sit comfortably. they can stand fine, but it's not ideal for field trips and such.

    like check out that picture. i can't imagine a kid being comfortable facing you for more than a few minutes.


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