Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Short Babby-to-English Dictionary

They're friends now

Paloma is officially both a walker and a talker. Oh, she's been talking for a while now, but we've moved on to two- and three-syllable words. For reals. The thing is, though, she doesn't exactly have the hang of perfect English (and we're still working on German, plus a little Spanish). What she says and what she means don't always match up exactly. So to help us all understand Paloma a little better, here's a short dictionary featuring some of the Babby's favorite words.

HOT - Might mean MUG or STOVE, or she might actually be saying...

HAT - Might be a HAT or mama's migraine ice pack or anything else on someone's head

APOH - APPLE, which takes us to


DADALON - DANDELION, which she loves... which is why our lawn is covered with the dang things

NAAAAAACK - SNACK, which means any meal and is usually said as pathetically as possible

UP - "PICK ME UP NOW, FOOLS" or might also be OUT depending on the circumstances

AT - CAT or THAT or sometimes the refrigerator (and we're not sure what that's all about


PAPA - PAPA, which can indicate the BABBYDADDY or a picture of Raffi or Desmond (or Daniel Faraday) on LOST
or sometimes OUTSIDE

Paloma apparently has many, many fathers, one of which is 'the world.'


  1. You have a precious little girl!

    Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day, and thank you for your comments.

    I'm still working on my SITS day follow-up post. Hopefully it will be up soon. I received so many comments and questions that it is taking me forever to get through them all!

  2. lol! she has a large vocabulary! love. it.

  3. @Rachel Thank you very much!

    @Teresha And getting bigger every day, eek!


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