Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Moved Out, Babby's Moving In

For the first 13 months or so of the Babby's life, she bunked with us. For about a week, that meant she slept in a bassinet next to our bed. And then for many months thereafter, it meant she slept nestled between us, where she could be warm in our dastardly drafty house. Finally, it meant sleeping in her crib, again next to our bed.

But that gets old after a while. We were disturbing the Babby's rest when we bedded down for the night. Out nighttime noises were waking her up. And we wanted to be able to talk in the dark like we used to before falling asleep. Plus, since we may be on the verge of actually having a usable second floor, I thought it would be nice to get the Babby's room done and out of the way.

That (along with a wacky week where I slept upstairs because I was working ridiculously late and then the BabbyDaddy joined me because he had some serious dental work) led to our moving out of what had been our bedroom since we bought our house. *sniff* We now have our bed in what used to be my office, which looks like a rented room of someone in their early 20s simply because everything from my desk to my sewing machine to a bookshelf, etc., is crammed in there with us.

Hopefully the contractor will get back to us soon and we can get a start on turning our second story into GROWNUPZONE.

Until then, I get to focus on, among other things, making the Babby's room the room I would have wanted, since that's what parents do. If she hates it in the future, we'll paint and decoupage and re-arrange until she loves it, but for now she doesn't care and I do. Thus far, I've painted, finished her height board, mostly repainted our mirror so it can be her mirror, mapped out some art, and bought fabric for curtains and pillows. Here's a taste:

Thanks for licking your balls in my picture, dude

This is the "before," which is nothing at all like a before because once upon a time we had matching furniture and a bed. It kind of looked like this once upon a time, but that's before we all our furniture and wall stuff. Basically, there's no real before. Oh, well.

I wrote an article once about hiding positive words under paint and in walls

When I painted, I cut in first so my edges would all be wicked sweet, and I did it freehand because I have the skillz to pay the billz. That color? Was not my original choice. My original choice was more like a hot fuchsia and less like a baby pink, but all of the low- and no-VOC paints we found did not have that kind of color saturation. So, yeah, the Babby's room currently looks like a giant piece of Bubblicious. Hopefully the white and the black and the darker pink accents will lessen the effect.

(The writing on the wall is a positive message that's supposed to linger there. I wrote an article about putting positive messages on walls under renovations once upon a time when I used to write about hippy-dippy stuff for a living.)

Blurry pic of Paloma's room gettin' dry

And here's a blurry - blame the fans, yeah - pic of the finished room, drying. Thanks to some surprise humidity, the walls are still feeling sticky and weird, so we have not yet unpeeled the tape or moved any of the furniture around. And forget about hanging pictures and things! That has to wait, but deep in my basement crafting zone, I continue to make said things in the hope that someday the paint will actually dry!


  1. Thanks! It's a little more pinkpinkpinkbabypink than I wanted, but I like it!

  2. I think it's fab. When she gets older, you can punch it up later with white stripes, or trim with green and make little black things to make it look like a watermelon.

  3. Thanks, JRM! Ooh, I am LOVING the stripes idea. Thick vertical ones is what I'm thinking of. Martha Stewart's people include ceiling color ideas with each paint chip, and the suggestion was a blue, but green could be fun, too!

  4. I just started reading, but I was wondering if there was a post about how you transitioned her to the crib from your bed?

  5. @Adriana Thank you!

    @Erin I'm not entirely sure, but I can write one and post it this week :)


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