Monday, May 3, 2010

What Don't They Know They'll Need

Conundrum: The Babby Family knows some folks who just had a babby of their own, and while we've had their baby registry information for months, we never bought them a prezzie. I just checked the registry, and it looks like some of the stuff on their wish list is no longer available, a lot of it must have been bought up by people way more on the ball than us. Oops.

Hoodie Time

So now I'm trying to look back over the past year or so to figure out just what it was that we didn't think we'd need but ended up needing in spades. Most of the stuff on our own baby registry did not get bought up, which for the most part was okay (except it would have been nice to have Paloma's bedroom furniture bankrolled since she still has nothing but a crib). We used the cloth diaper sampler (still are!), the Björn, and clothes, but there were plenty of things on our baby registry we never would have used. And then there are all the things we didn't have on our registry that rock our socks on a daily basis: the Boppy, the Tripp Trapp, the Quinny Buzz, and Flat Cat come to mind.

If we stick to our friends' baby registry, we're limited to a Boppy cover, washcloths, and breast pump accessories... and that last one seems like a rather personal gift, no? But if we don't, we can get them something they might not know they need, if only we can remember what those things are. Any suggestions?


  1. Get them an Itsbeen timer! Totally useful thing we wound up buying for ourselves.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Rebecca! Two people -at least- suggested we get one, but we were already feeding Paloma on a schedule every 3 hours (and changing her at the same time) so it didn't make sense for us. But I've heard nothing but great things about the Itzbeen!

  3. we didn't register for a humidifier now we've bought 2! do they have one? if so, how about getting them a bunch of extra filters?
    maybe you can do a fun in the sun gift basket (visor or bonnet, swim suit, sunscreen,)
    That Sophie Giraffe is supposed to be the must-gift
    also, you can never have too many diapers, washcloths or those Gerber white onesies.

  4. @Teresha Those are all great ideas - we actually found ourselves in need of filters and then had not a clue where to buy them. Our filter had actually gotten way grody, ick. And Paloma loved her Sophie ;-)


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