Friday, June 4, 2010

Decorating a Nursery - Next Steps

The Babby's room is coming together, finally. I have to say that I'm happy that I didn't put together her room before or right after she was born, because the nursery decoration ideas I had back then wouldn't have had staying power. As in, they were super babyish and wouldn't have lasted past age two or so. So let's have a look at my progress, shall we?

What's done: Painting the walls; Paloma's height board; hutch is up; Babby's name is up; clothes in closet (and arranged by size); etc.

What's not done: The magnetic chalkboard (a weekend-long project); homemade wall art; moving the changing table and the hope chest out; tethering the hutch to the wall; sewing Paloma's curtains; sewing her pillow; finding a sweet toybox.

Sewing the nursery curtains is probably the most important to-do in terms of making Babby's room look truly finished, which is sad because it's not the to-do I'm most interested in doing. Nope! What I'd rather be doing is finding the perfect white toy box - preferably one that will readily accept a cushion, thus turning it into a nice spot to sit and read. I saw a pretty cheap on at BRU... but it was pretty cheap, as in, pretty cheaply made. Do not want. Thus far, the Babby's nursery furniture is well-made and pretty, and that's a trend I'd like to see continue when it comes to buying more stuff.

With that in mind, here are four white toy boxes I'm looking at:

Kidcraft's Austin toy box is pretty, but plain. Too plain?

I like the Kidcraft Nantucket white toy box, but I don't know how well it would fit in with all the furniture we already have because the style is so different. I still like it, though.

The Kidcraft Limited Edition white toy box would look great in Paloma's room and would make a nice bench. I like the spindles in the back because it gives it a certain delicacy... and yeah, I'm turning my daughter's room into a girly palace. I think this one is my fave. Well, except for the fact that is has wheels instead of feet.

Not my first choice - because it doesn't have side borders that would keep a cushion in place - the Guidecraft Classic white toy box has a spacious interior, two safety-lid supports, and finger-hole cutouts to prevent pinching.

Actually, all four white toy boxes have hardware that insures that you can't slam the lid down on itty-bitty fingers. No pinching is important when you're dealing with toddlers and toy boxes! Which do you like best?

P.S. - Yup, all the white toy boxes above come from Children's Revolution shop - if you dig any, don't forget that you can get 15% off at checkout using my very own coupon code, BabbyMama!


  1. Too bad the Nantucket box doesn't fit in with the style. It seems like a piece that could transition well into other spaces in the home when a toy box is no longer needed.

  2. @Karen Exactly! I can very much imagine it painted some sweet color being used as a bench and shoe receptacle by the front door. It's a lot less kid-ish than the others.


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