Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: The Zetpol Iza (Hint: It's a Shoe)

I know, I know... as photographs of a baby's shoes goes, this one really sucks. I could snap one now, except we had some rain and the Babby wanted to jump in the puddles and skip in the mud. And I wanted to let her, because she hadn't had quite enough daytime sleep that day, and I was starting to go out of my mind. C'est la vie, non?

All that aside, in my very bad does-not-highlight-the-shoe snapshot, the Babby is wearing a pair of Izas from Zetpol. My guess is that most people reading this are not familiar with Zetpol - much more common are the Stride Rites and the Robeez and maybe even the Pedoodles, but those were new to me. The reason you may not have heard of Zetpol is that they're a Polish company, and the only reason I heard of them was because I embarked upon a lengthy search for good shoes for new walkers.

Long story short: The Babby loves going outside. Her sandals weren't doing a great job of protecting her little toesies.

So, Zetpol. Their specialty is footwear with "prophylactic insoles," which sounds kind of iffy-medically, but is really just the company's way of talking about the arch support and the dotted inner surface that stimulates foot receptors. That, I'm told, simulates barefoot walking when the Babby can't actually walk barefoot. Plus, their toddler shoes are lightweight, breathable, made of all-natural materials, wicked flexible, and totally adorable.

The verdict? I love them because they're flexible enough to bend with the Babby's feet and they're super cute. As for the Babby's opinion, I can't say for sure, but she'll happily hold out her feet to put on her Izas, and she's never had any trouble at all walking in them.


  1. Boy, she is having a blast on that swing! We have yet to buy Marlie a pair of shoes because barefoot is best when they are learning to walk, but I did wonder what to do when she wanted to go outside. Thanks for the shoe endorsement!

  2. You're welcome! We definitely keep Paloma barefoot when we're indoors or outside somewhere safe, but our yard is just a mess of sticks and the sidewalks are old and cracked and kind of yucky, so it's been shoes ever since outdoor walking was an option.


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