Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drop-Side Cribs Banned - Finally!

All I have to say is that it's about time that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission finally got around to banning drop-side cribs. Seriously, 153 deaths in the last four years? That's a lot of deaths in a piece of infant gear that almost everyone with kids has and uses. Not to mention that in the last five years alone, more than 9 million drop-side cribs have been recalled because of issues surrounding crib entrapment, suffocation, and fall hazards caused by drop-sides detaching from their hardware.

From a statement by CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum:

The CPSIA requires the new mandatory rule to apply broadly and retroactively. Indeed, once the rule becomes effective, no crib may be manufactured, distributed in commerce, resold, leased, sublet, offered, or provided for use that is not in compliance with the mandatory standard. This standard, therefore, will impact entire industries, from manufacturers to retailers, and from distributers to resellers and thrift stores.

I have had mad dislike for these sleepy death traps, so I am crazy happy that a ban on drop-side cribs will go into effect by the end of this year. The ruling, which came after a five-to-nil vote by CPSC officials, came after yet another drop-side crib recall, this time involving cribs from Pottery Barn Kids, which had the same old problem that seems to plague most drop-side cribs.

That would be the drop-side detaching from the rail, of course. Just like our old crib, which the Babby slept in for a while before we scrapped it in favor of a convertible crib that seemed a lot more sturdy. I thought that the first time the side detached it was just a one-time fluke, but it turned out that the Babby (our tiny little chick who could only just barely move around on her back) was able to kick the drop-side out of its track leaving that gap that has been responsible for scads of infant deaths. Yuck.

So even though I know this will impact manufacturers, retailers, thrift shops and other retailers, and individuals, I am still happy that the CPSC is banning drop-side cribs. For those who think these kinds of safety upgrades are happening every day, screwing people over and stifling our freedoms, the decision to ban drop-side cribs actually marks the agency’s first overhaul of regulations for infant beds in almost three decades. I'm going to guess the CPSC doesn't make decisions like this lightly.


  1. How dare the government take away my right to, uh, let my baby be in a dangerous crib he or she could suffocate in?



  3. In other words, I do think part of the problem is that today's drop-side cribs are made with crappy plastic rails whereas a lot of the older drop-sides have more sturdy metal hardware. I mean, come on, my tiny preemie who couldn't even crawl yet kicked hers out of the tracks. That's pretty bad manufacturing right there.

  4. i never drop the sides to our metal one because it sounds like a subway car screeching to a halt, but it is a damn solid crib. you'd have to literally disassemble half the crib before you could get the sides do anything dangerous.

    i haven't actually seen any of these new ones with the auto-suffocation feature.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ?? No it wasn't. It as older than the recalled models.

    We're looking for a replacement anyway. We'll need a toddler bed soon enough. What to do with the old crib? Set on fire?

  7. Oh, my bad :( I thought it was the doomed Storkcraft or whatever it's called. Jess told me you ordered and installed the fixer part for it or were going to(?), so I just assumed it was part of the recall. I probably just misunderstood. Anyway, we disassembled our killer crib and it went into the trash, easy peasy.

    We <3 our convertible! Crib to toddler bed to mini daybed to full bed! No need for a transitional bed between crib and real bed.

  8. No, I tried to order it, but then I found the date of manufacture after we disassembled the crib.

  9. Glad to hear it - though I still don't trust drop-sides (older ones get a pass most of the time, though). That's just a lot of deaths in four years.

  10. Took them long enough. Too bad so many innocent lives were lost before common sense prevailed. dog crates have better designs than these cribs. sheesh

  11. So glad to hear. We also had a drop side that would come of it's track leaving that gap and I could never live with myslef if we kept it! Grat info! I'm your new follower. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. I just spotted the word 'kitteh' on your blog.

    After I about died over your blog name.

    And scary stuff about those cribs. Those poor, poor babbies.


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