Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lazy Susan Lock: Advice Please!

Any ideas on how we might rig up a makeshift Lazy Susan lock for the type of Lazy Susan where the door is part of the shelving (as opposed to those that have a door that opens and a free-turning shelf)?

We tried buying a commercial Lazy Susan lock, but it would not fit on ours because there wasn't enough clearance. Basically, any lock would have to be on the outside of the cabinet, not something that was inside and outside.

My thought was some kind of mechanism on both sides that blocks the door from turning from the outside. Does anyone know of a cabinet latch that has an arm that swings over where both pieces of hardware are on the outside - possibly meant for doors that sit flush on cabinets?

Er, it's kind of important, as the Babby just got into the Lazy Susan cabinet, but not on the shelves... at the angle of the doors. Think revolving door.

Thanks so much xoxo!


  1. I know what you mean, we have a lazy susan cabinet in our kitchen as well. Fortunately for us, but not helpful to you, our cabinets are old steel cabinets and have little locking mechanisms on the handles so you have to push the button to get it to release. BUT! I was wondering why those plastic cabinet clips that just go on the inside of the cabinet both on the door and on the adjacent wall and catch so the door doesn't open all the way until you reach in and release the catch wouldn't work? Or if you could make some sort of makeshift pole block that slides through the handles so she can't push it open on either way?

  2. We have a bunch of these slapped onto everything because they're adhesive and don't require any hardware to attach.

  3. Let me know if you find a solution because we have one of these cabinets too and our baby-proofing day is coming soon

  4. Hmmm, this is an interesting problem. I'll check with Sexy Nerd to see if he has any ideas for you. He's handy! :)


  5. Thanks, all! If I figure out some epic solution, I will definitely share!


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