Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Eat What Now?

Lately, we've been hearing a lot of "I eat poop!" except instead of saying 'poop' the Babby says a different, naughtier word. That's right, my darling daughter who looks like a tiny angel from heaven is saying what sounds like what is commonly thought of as a very. bad. word.

When I told my dad about this new phrase, he laughed and asked if it's something she says when she's frustrated. Okay, I could see that. Not that the BabbyDaddy and I walk about saying "I eat poop," but we've been known to use an off-color word here and there.

Note: Neither of us is much for swears, but if I stub a toe, I have to make a special effort to say something like "Dundernuts," which may or may not be a swear somewhere. It isn't where we live.

But no, the Babby is most apt to say "I eat poop" when you ask her what her name is. As in, "Can you say Paloma?" or "Paloma, say your name!" How that came about, I have not a clue! What, you're blaming me? Well, dundernuts to you, then.


  1. Everett's "Shoe" tends to devolve into "Jew", which just sounds bad when your kid is walking around repeating "Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew". Chris was also teaching him to say something similar when he made Starwars fighting scene sounds, but I've persuaded him to go the "Pew Pew" route, seeing as I'd hate to offend our awesome Jewish neighbor.

  2. Haha! Aidyn has definitely said some cringe worthy things. And I know he's repeating what he's heard from us. Oops! Lesson learned. He hears EVERYTHING. :)

  3. @Audrey JEW JEW JEW! Ahaha, crazy kids and their weird pronunciations. We actually think that "I eat sh*t" might really be "I don't know." PEW PEW!

    @Katrina We're just now starting to rein in the adult-type language (not that we were big swearers, but still) - especially in music. The BabbyDaddy has thousands of albums and plenty of them contain not so nice words.


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