Monday, August 2, 2010

I Now Have a Single-Nap Babby

When I first started planning for my upcoming trip to Florida - you know, the trip that will involve moi and the Babby alone in the airport with assorted gear, alone with scads of strangers in an airplane for three or so hours, etc. - I thought that the best flight to choose would probably be smack in the middle of the day.

Not ideal, of course, from a napping point of view, but I figured I could keep my two-nap Babby awake until a 1 p.m. flight. After all, the airport is a very interesting place full of visually fascinating people.

Or as my dear old dad puts it: "It's always ugly people day at the airport."

But in the end, Babby has accommodated me in advance by transitioning soon after our flight reservations were made by becoming a single nap babby. Which has worked out brilliantly in terms of scheduling fun stuff to do this summer and in terms of my getting work done since I seem to do more in one 2-hour stretch than I'd do in two 1-hour stretches.

Once upon a time, if Babby only had one daytime sleep, it meant that she'd go a whole day on 45 minutes of rest. But when she made the switch, she immediately began sleeping at least 1.5 hours and at most, a strong 3 hours. That's right, three. I will not complain if she spends both the flights there and the flights back asleep.

Instead of, you know, screaming her bloody head off.



    Ev started out with one 3 hour nap and is currently giving us 3-5 hours of nap right in the middle of the day. Oh the things I can now do!

  2. Three to fiiiiive? Goodness gracious, woman! Would that I could be so lucky!

  3. cool! I know your head is spinning with possibilities! have fun!


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