Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If One Is Good, Two Has Got to Be Better, Yeah?

Not pregnant. I repeat, I am NOT PREGNANT. But I am consider becoming pregnant. And because the Babby was an early arrival, I'm trying to go about this most important decision using science.

We have pretty much determined that having another child would not scar the Babby emotionally forever and ever and ever. In fact, it will probably be good for her, since right now she's pretty convinced that she's the center of the entire universe. And as long as we have another XX-style baby, we're all set on gear.

What then remains is how I can prevent any potential FutureBabies from deciding that, no, 40 weeks isn't the right time to enter the world. Because as kind of ucky as I think the huge pregnancy belly is - SORRY, MAMAS, IT'S JUST MY THING - I'd take that over having to make the NICU run over and over again until FutureBaby got big enough.

I am especially terrified of giving birth even earlier because I do work for an organization that supports the parents of micro-preemies and let me tell you, those amazing parents are stronger than I am!

As a result of my fears, the Babby and I will be visiting with the nice midwives at the North Shore Birth Center on Thursday to discuss what a second pregnancy would be like, since they and I already briefly discussed how things might be different with an overall goal of preventing a second premature birth.

This is mainly an issue for me because the Babby's early arrival was idiopathic, which is the fancy way of saying that no one had any clue why she didn't make at least the 38-week mark. I don't have an incompetent cervix and I don't use drugs. I was not overly active when you consider that some pregnant women take part in sports or run races. My caffeine intake (yes, I drank caffeine, shaddup) was within the normal limits. Etc.

When I asked the nurses and midwives if it was something I had done, they pretty much said that unless I was an IV drug user or was getting domestically abused (another no), the Babby being premature probably had nothing to do with anything I'd done or that had happened to me.

They also tested us up and down, and even sent the placenta to pathology for testing. I, the Babby, and the afterbirth were all infection-free, which can also cause prematurity. Plus, the Babby had room to grow, or at least no one measuring me ever said otherwise. Yeah, no one knows why the Babby was early.

Which means that I can't just say "Okay, I won't eat this/drink that/exercise/etc." and it will all be fine. And I know that having one premature baby makes one statistically more likely to have another, but not actually more likely to have another one in practice. If that makes sense. So off we go on Thursday to find out all the ways another pregnancy could potentially impact my life.


  1. Another Babby would be most awesome! I will be sending baby dust your way!

  2. Another Babby would be awesome indeed! But maybe I'm just ready to have my own babby here instead of in mah belly. I was going to ask why she was early..but then you all up and forsaw the question and answered it first. That would make me nervous that #2 would be early too..the non-reason reason.

  3. I think the unknown is the hardest part. If you know, then you can plan. I hear you on that.

  4. Do it :) It's fun!

    I only wish I had the luxury of planning... I would for sure not be due at the end of this month! Who plans to have a baby at the end of August? CRAZY! And every pregnancy is way different, so you probably don't need to worry about prematurity at all, especially if there was no reason for it.

    But you'll never know until you do it! :)


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