Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Ready. Nope. Definitely Not.

Unlike many people I know, I don't dream of a weekend away or even an overnight stay at a bed & breakfast. In fact, the whole notion of leaving the Babby overnight with someone - even her babushka, not just some sitter - makes my stomach do flip flops. It's not that I think the Babby would be unsafe; after all, we've left her at my maman's until something like 1 a.m. while we went out for a post-show plate of cheese fries without my bursting into spontaneous tears. So it's not really about separation, either.

I think going away with her made me realize this - I could have, if the BabbyDaddy could take the time off, left her home and gone on my own. But just no. Note that I am not in any way saying that my wonderful husband wouldn't take amazing care of the Babby. As terrible as it sounds, I told him the other day that I wouldn't let him take her to visit his family... yet. I just can't stand the idea of him and her going away and leaving me all alone sans Babby.

If you're an experienced parent, how long did it take you from birth to leave your kid with someone else overnight or *gasp* for a few days? If you haven't done it yet, when do you think you'll be ready?


  1. I have not done this either. My inlaws mention taking Ev on their long 3 week vacations from time to time and in my head I scream NOOOOO!!!! NEVER! My SMIL was talking about the possibility of keeping him overnight last week and again I had a mental scream of NOT ON YOUR LIFE. I have no issue with leaving Ev with Chris while I go somewhere, but I don't really trust anyone else to know his routine. I have to fend off my MIL when she's here and he's napping because she wants to go up and check on him all the time and I'm like, "leave him be woman." And SMIL is kind of the same way. I don't trust that she wouldn't keep him up all night because she would freak out about him crying a bit before he falls asleep..and I don't really trust FIL to not scream at him. They get to watch him for a few hours a week when they want to..but that's pretty much my limit on that. No idea if and when this will change.

  2. First time we left Evelyn overnight was in January... so about 8 months old. She stayed with her grandparents again a couple of months ago because we were both sick and neither one of us could keep up with her (I fell asleep on my "shift" and she broke into a cabinet and ate a bag of tea). I never had any problem leaving her for a night. It just wasn't that big of a deal to me.

  3. Nathan's been overnight twice now with my parents, and he'll be overnight for the longest this upcoming weekend when we go to Jersey for a wedding (all day Sunday, all day Monday). He actually did really well, went right to sleep, slept through the night, etc. But this was recent, the first time was 4th of July weekend.

    But we really couldn't bring him to Jersey, he's unable to sit at a restaurant at all, nevermind someone's wedding, and it's a lot of driving in a tiny stretch of time, and we would've had no babysitter, and now a hurricane? He'll be much happier chilling with my parents being spoiled and playing with their weird mop dog.

  4. At 1 yr old, I am so not ready for overnights. I am too paranoid about things like uncovered outlets, meals consisting of McDonald's, attempts to Feberize her. Most important, they don't know my baby's nuisances...i.e. what it means when she rubs her nose, what it means when she turns her head side to side. Plus I'm still nursing so that is my excuse. I have major trust issues.

  5. @Audrey I think for me it's no so much about trust is that I suspect I'd feel an intense loneliness and not be able to sleep at all. We stayed out until 1 or 3 a.m. once because it was a rare opportunity to hang with my college peeps and I felt achey the whole time. NOT that I didn't enjoy myself, mind. But even when Tedd's mom asked if we could get a sitter so we could go out for an adult evening, I was like, uh, no. I don't even know why.

    @Zophos I'm totally jealous of your ability to leave Evelyn overnight and be cool with it. I wish I didn't feel weird about it, since it's not like going away or even seeing a movie isn't fun.

    @KT That's awesome that he has such a rad time with your parents and mopdog! Paloma is so-so with my mom (even though she gets all excited to see her) when bedtime is involved. When we stayed out really late once, my mom basically let her stay up until she crashed because it wasn't going to go down any other way. And I was okay with that. Don't want to drive my mom nuts!

    @Teresha Heck, even if you didn't have trust issues, there's always routine! Some babies just go with the flow. The Babby SO doesn't. She used to, but now she loves her routine, like it's naptime NOW and bedtime NOW and please don't deviate from that. That's why sitters freak me out (other than friends who know the Babby, of course).


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