Friday, August 6, 2010

Potty Training: I Don't Think This Is Anything More Than a Fluke

I guess I am lazier when it comes to potty training than the Babby, or at least I think of the potty as being far less enthralling than the Babby. Like I said I would in my potty training and pooping post, I brought the potty downstairs and installed it in the bathroom. And like I thought she would be, the Babby was very interested in the sitting possibilities. So being that it was pre-bathtime, we thought, what the heck! Why not ditch the diaper?

After she tried sitting on the potty, we said: "Paloma would you like to use the potty without your dipe?" She said yes, so we stripped her down and she got back on... and promptly let loose with peeps.

Mind you, I don't think this is anything more than a fluke, but body function awareness is something I want to encourage. I'm actually not surprised that she had an idea of what to do, considering that it's a rare treat for me to get to have a nice sit down on the toilet without having an audience of one staring right at the danger zone asking just what, precisely, I am doing on there.


  1. Huzzah! I bet it's not a fluke. The idea caught on pretty fast with Ev too. I bet she'll pee on it pre-bath most of the time you put her on it. YAY, step one!

  2. That is great! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it is not a fluke!

  3. It's not a fluke. you are teaching her elimination communication. she has learned by watching you go to the bathroom to handle your business. She is on her way!

  4. I fourth that it probably isn't a fluke! Great turning point...woohoo!


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