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The BabbyMama Buys: OGbaby and OGmama by Trillium Organics

I'm a huge fan of free stuff, which means I'll review almost anything at this blog or my two professional blogs, Manolo for the Brides and Manolo for the Home. (PR people take note!) What that means is that I often find myself in the possession of unsolicited stuff that may be good and may not be good. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to receive far more awesome freebies than not-so-awesome freebies.

And I'm even more fortunate in that I can say that the most recent review package I received falls into the awesome camp.

What I got: The nice people at Trillium Organics - and they really are nice, as I found out when I had a lovely phone conversation with the founder, Karen - sent me samples of four products from their new infant (and mama) skincare line: a Tubby Rubby, Really Fragrance Free Moisture Oil, Breathe Free Tea Tree Aroma Rub, and for moi, Stretch Happy 360 Belly Butter.

So far, so good! What you should know about me is that I'm not always as organic as I ought to be, but when it comes to things like scents and chemical additives on stuff that will be touching my skin, I'm pretty strict. That's because I have a little nasty thing called dyshidrotic eczema and I'm extremely scent-sensitive (just ask the BabbyDaddy). Oh, and I'm totally not down with animal testing - and none of Trillium Organics' products are tested on critters.

Here are some company deets:

And here's what I tried:

Organic Tubby Rubby
We tried this out one bathtime, and I loved it. The Tubby Rubby is formulated for newborns and infants, and is a soapless cleanser. Basically, it's a sachet that is full of all-natural stuff: oatmeal, chamomile flowers, lavender buds, and calendula flowers. Everything in it, is edible, which is good because the Babby did spend some time sucking on the Tubby Rubby.

Our impressions: It smelled lovely, but not strongly. In fact, on the evening we gave it a go, I had a migraine, and the scent of the Tubby Rubby didn't bother me one bit. As to what the Babby thought of the scent, she smiled when we first gave it to her to sniff, and kept wanting to sniff it. That's quite the endorsement! It was certainly gentle on her skin, though you'd know that just from looking at the ingredients. As to whether it cleans - the fabric sack that contains everything in the Tubby Rubby is soft, but I think textured just enough to make any dirt go bye-bye.

Really Fragrance Free Moisture Oil
Look, they're not kidding about this. Have you ever bought 'fragrance free' lotion at the drug store only to get it home and find that it definitely smells like something? That's because they use a chemical fragrance to mask other chemical fragrances. Yes, there's no perfume in it, but there's still fragrance, if that makes sense. Whereas Really Fragrance Free Moisture Oil doesn't really smell like much of anything at all because the ingredients are mild. Mild mild mild. We're talking: sunflower oil, olive oil, chamomile, calendula, lavender, and non-GMO Vitamin E (which is the good kind of Vitamin E).

Our impressions: I used it on Babby, and I used it on me because I have dry elbows all year round and I love me some fancy oils. To start, after a shared shower, I closed us both into the bathroom - I figured we're using an oil, so we don't want Babby running all over the house getting stuff slippery. I shouldn't have bothered, though, because this stuff is absorbed right into the skin, making it feel soft without feeling icky-greasy. I could turn the door knob almost immediately after applying it! My elbows were soft, the Babby enjoyed her massage, and everyone was happy. I love it!

Breathe Free Tea Tree Aroma Rub
This is the review product that tripped me up and caused the delay on this review. Karen told me it's made just for helping stuffy noses, not for anything else, and neither the Babby nor her little friends has had a stuff nose. Until just recently, that is! Not that I'm happy to be wiping up snot, but it has given me a chance to rub the Breathe Free Tea Tree Aroma Rub on Babby's chest. Like all Trillium Organics products, it has very few ingredients and they're all pronounceable and healthy: beeswax, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.

Our impressions: Unlike Vicks Vapor Rub, this doesn't knock you on your rear end if you give it a sniff. It smells nice. Which made me wonder if I was putting enough on, so I ended up rubbing some directly under my nose and the Babby's nose. Heck, I figured, it's not doing any harm there. I can't speak to whether it helped the Babby's breathing, if only because she has no way to give me a verbal assessment of her respiratory capabilities. BUT again, she did like sniffing it. And I'm definitely keeping it around for the next bout of sniffles!

Stretch Happy 360 Belly Butter
Yay, something just for me! This stuff is for pregnant women or mamas - or I'd venture to say anyone else who feels their skin needs a little extra helping hand in the elasticity department. The main ingredients are shea butter and cocoa butter, which are like the heavy hitters of the moisturizing world, but there's also other stuff in it: beeswax, olive oil, chamomile, calendula, lavender and lavender oil, and non-GMO Vitamin E.

My impressions: Smells great! Like my lavender plants in the front yard, yum. When I received my Stretch Happy 360 Belly Butter, it appeared to have separated, but for all I know it's meant to be like that. And when I rubbed it between my hands, it re-incorporated into itself. I wouldn't hold that against it. I would definitely give it a go during pregnancy - I used almond oil and citrus oils on my belly when I was knocked up, which may or may not have been effective in keeping me stretch mark free (I hear it's mainly about genetics, but why not hedge one's bets!). I'm using the Stretch Happy 360 Belly Butter now just to keep things in my belly skin good and healthy for next time.

So, would I buy Trillium Organics products in the future? Certainly! Everyone at the company with whom I corresponded was friendly and happy to answer my questions. And the quality of the samples I received - along with the packaging itself - was great. I think I'm going to try some of their facial care products since that's where I get extra discerning. When I do, I'll let you know how it works out!

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