Friday, September 3, 2010

Ever Feel...?

... incredibly lucky and then not quite as grateful as you ought to be at the same time? Yesterday was a terrible day. I'm talking about almost no nap, an hour of intermittent screaming for no discernible reason, the BabbyDaddy going out in the evening to see family (I don't fault him that, of course), and hardly getting any work done. And I was so desperate for some inner peace that I had a drink - a very, very tiny one, but still) right in the middle of the day!

Today has been a relatively good day, all things considered. The Babby has been napping for a solid 3.5 hours, which is incredible for her. She's also been happy. I finally checked my messages to find a wonderful one from a good friend offering to help me out when our renovations start. There were cookies! I got some work done! And I even consolidated all my old breast milk that's been buried in the deep freeze so I can either find someone desperate enough to take it or throw it out next trash day. Gross, you're thinking, but eh, it's like septuple bagged, so whatevs.

But with the rain (which is making the world smell lovely) and all the working and maybe possibly because I ate so many cookies I'm feeling rather cooped up. I also made the mistake of reading a very, very sad blog that had very, very sad photographs, and all those sad words and sad pictures made me think very, very sad thoughts :( The BabbyDaddy always says, with not a little exasperation, "It's not like all these sad things come out of nowhere; you usually know what you're getting into before you start reading. So why do you read the sad things?"

Update: It's now hours after I wrote the above three paragraphs and I can't remember where I was going with it all.


  1. I used to hate those no nap days! Now, I'm the only one that takes a nap:)

  2. Truthfully? I've never been a good napper! And I feel like if I sleep in, I'm wasting the day (as ridiculous as that sounds). I remember people telling me to sleep when the baby slept - except I work from home! So on no nap days, I'm screwed.


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