Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is This the Face of a Poopy Babby? Possibly, Possibly.

Once upon a time, to poop or not to poop was the question. Now it's more like "I pooped - to tell or not to tell?" Seems the whole going peeps in the potty thing was a fluke - the Babby has used the potty a few more times, but mainly likes to urinate on my nice clean floors during the 15-30 minutes each day we let her run around in the nude. And the totally awesome phase in which the Babby announced that she pooped so we could change her? That's ended, too.

With regard to diapers versus the potty, it seems we are back to square one.

Now the Babby is more likely to say no when you've asked if she pooped, even when the buttstank is so obvious that small animals are keeling over in our vicinity. And while Babby thinks going peeps is very, very interesting, she seems much more inclined to sit on the potty - or even demand to sit on the potty - when she doesn't actually need to go.

Am I bothered? Not really. At our final Early Intervention evaluation, one of the occupational therapists said that for the most part, babies don't really get the potty until they're closer to two. Some go earlier and some go later, but the concept of potty training is pretty weird if you think about it and it takes most toddlers a while to pick up. I mean, if for your entire life you'd been just kind of going about your business without thinking about urine or feces and then someone said, no, you need to focus on this and stop what you're doing every time you need to go, you'd probably be a little confused, too.

You want me to do what? In where? Why?!

So with regard to potty training, we're letting the Babby take the lead. I'm not one of those people so bothered by changing diapers that I'm like OH MAN, I MUST GET HER USING THE POTTY!!!!1! I know some of you have advanced pottiers, but for anyone who doesn't, when did you or when do you plan to start potty training?


  1. buttstank? LOL! I HAVE to borrow that word cause my baby girl's buttstank can qualify as bio-chemical warfare. woosh! I have been told that I was an early trainer on the potty mainly because I despised the feel of a poopy/peepee diaper on my bum. Supposedly I was using the toilet by 18 months. I have been watching my own for signs. She has been removing her diaper when it's wet, but not when it's soiled with poop (thank goodness). But like you, I don't find changing diapers an inconvenience. I'd rather deal with the mess contained in one easy to clean cloth than wiping it off my floors or walls or sheets.

  2. I don't consider Ev an advanced pottier, so I'll chime in. :D We pretty much just introduced the potty to him when he was 17 months because I had heard kids could be scared of going to the bathroom on them. And then, you know, I just sat him on it when I was filling the tub because I figured the running water would trigger a response and maybe he'd stop peeing in the bath water. And I think that's probably why he started cnosistently peeing on it before bath. And I made big deal with a "YAY!" and clapping and making excited faces. And I let him see me pee on the toilet while he was bathing sometimes. And now he pees on toilets but he's also almost 2. And he doesn't always go on the toilet, we've been having some back pedaling ourselves lately and he tells us he has peed in his pull up versus the telling us he has to pee he was doing last week. And he likes to fake us out, he announces he as to go and gets urgent about it but as soon as we take him upstairs or let him into the mudroom (where the first floor bathroom is off of) he states he doesn't have to pee and he wanders into the kitchen or starts playing with keys hanging by the back door. I'm not urgently seeking to get diapers out of my life either, so I'm trying to maintain our laid back position with this but also let him know that faking us out is unacceptable. Which mostly means we make him sit on the potty and then leave the area without the playing about that he wants to do.


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