Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Magic Word

Ah, please. Isn't it just cute as anything when a tiny wee babychild says the magic word? Saying please is one of those things that is extra charming when kids do it, mostly because of the way they say it. It's just so desperate and wheedling - out of the mouth of an adult it would sound pathetic. For real, my heart just bulges fit to burst when the Babby said "Book, peas. PEEEAAS?"

I'm actually surprised at how quickly the Babby picked up the magic word. I mean she got the idea lightning fast that please was something she needed to include with pretty much every request*. And I have confirmation that she says please even when we're not around!

The problem with the Babby saying please? It makes it very, very, very difficult to not give in when she says something that translates to 'can we sit at your computer and watch babies again, please please please' or 'can I have a cereal bar for dinner instead of my omelet please please pleaaaaaaase?' I am apparently a total pushover at this point in my journey of motherhood.

Which is why I'm kind of hoping the cuteness wears off, actually.

*We haven't yet started teaching thank you. Mostly because I am a lazy BabbyMama.

P.S. - Siiiiiigh! I finally got to see the Baby Jogger City Select stroller in person today, and the woman pushing her grandson around in it was awesome enough to let me kick the tires and generally poke around the whole thing. Seriously, the Baby Jogger City Select pushes better than any stroller I've ever pushed, and I really, really, really want one because I looooove the way it doubles.


  1. Yup, I spent less than a month teaching Isabella to say please, and have since been trying to teach her that asking nicely doesn't guarantee that the request will be granted. It's been over 5 years...

  2. We have the City Select and loved it so much we bought the double too!

  3. You know what word annoys me when kids learn it? "Excuse Me", okay, I guess that's 2 words. It's cute the first time, but after a child says it 25 times to you in less than a minute, it wears out VERY quickly!

  4. I'm right there with ya! Love the please, but then way too easy to say Yes!

  5. It is so sweet when they say it! And good for you for teaching her at such a young age.


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