Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Babby Update Before What Will Be Another Hiatus

Holy moly! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I wrote here last. Or, well, I can, but I wish it weren't the case. It's just been really, really busy here. Really, really, REALLY busy. I'm trying to wrap up a huge project - so huge that it's been on my plate for over a year. Then I am taking part in another huge group project that is moving so slowly that I am going nuts. Of course, I still have all my other work to do and the Babby to play with, so it's not like this is 'other.' Nope, it's 'extra.'

And did I mention that my mom is getting married? At my house? ON SATURDAY? THIS SATURDAY?

So besides all of the work-for-dough I've got going on, there's been crazy amounts of yardwork since, weather permitting, the wedding will be outside in the back yard. And finding and assembling favors, decorations, etc. Writing the ceremony. Keeping the house clean so the big clean doesn't have to be super huge.

While I guess it's nice to be busy - at least that's what people tell me - having so much on my plate is really having a not so nice impact on my mental health. I have been subject to pretty bad insomnia recently. I try to sleep, but all I can do is worry obsessively. What about? What if the dryer starts a fire? Would smoke from a fire in the Babby's room trip the smoke alarm fast enough? What if someone breaks into the house? What if I was falsely accused of a crime and sent to jail? What if we go broke? And so on and so forth.

It's not fun. And it's making me mad at myself because frankly, I am usually a pillar of self-control. But anyway, enough about my weaknesses. I wanted to share a few quick fun, exciting Babby updates.
  • The Babby is now routinely stringing together three words into pseudo-sentences. Things like "Please get it" and "I caught it". On top of that, she's using lots of two-word phrases that contain adjectives or indicate ownership. It's a lot of fun watching her vocab explode.
  • Though the single poo on the potty hasn't been repeated, we're seeing more days with potty usage than ever before, and today the Babby emptied her bladder into the potty after indicating quite clearly that she needed to go.
  • We've been snacking on animal crackers quite a bit lately, and today, as we talked about the different animals, The Babby was having a great time biting the heads off. Here's a cow. CRUNCH. Here's a bear. CRUNCH. I love it!
  • The Babby has learned to watch TV, which is both good and bad. So far, I watch it with her, and we talk about all of the things (which I think is how parents are technically supposed to watch with toddlers). However, since we have no cable, it means either watching the potty episode of Bear in the Big Blue House or BOO! Joy.


  1. Ev has also started paying attention to what's on the television as of late. Which is okay, because we also don't have cable and don't really watch "tv" so much as pop dvds in. So he's been seeing Planet Earth with us mostly (having finally started to conquer the train obsession with something we can all enjoy).

  2. Is that the Discovery Channel series? If Ev's digging it, I might try it on Paloma since I have no desire to continue finding Boo.

  3. I am super duper impressed by the Babby's potty learning!
    I'll be here when you get back from your blogging break

    p.s. get.some.sleep.

  4. Thanks, Teresha! It makes me happy to know you're still checking up on me!


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