Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bye Bye, Bink!

While admittedly, this picture of the Babby is pretty darned cute, there are just too many snaps of her gorgeous little mug obscured by that omnipresent Soothie. Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge fan of the bink.

I'm not the kind of mama who plugs her kid's scream hole with plastic whenever it suits her, but that bink has gone a long way toward helping the whole BabbyFamily enjoy long nights of sleep and pleasant car trips. Vaccines? No prob, grab the bink.

And once the Babby got old enough, she'd grab the bink herself, which was great. Need a little comfort in a cold world but not in the mood for a cuddle? Bink. Half awake halfway through a nap? Bink. Etc. Then Babby got even older, and if there weren't any binks around, she could ask for them by name.

"Bink, peas. Bink? Peas? BINK! PEAS!"

Charming, no?

Not to mention it obscures her pretty face in pictures! Plus, she doesn't always take it out when she has something to say (something thumbsuckers apparently do instinctually) and I'd rather her not have to take speech in elementary school (which when I was growing up was by the kindergarten and special ed rooms and we were never any of us really sure what it was for).

So now the bink has become a naptime- and nighttime-only diversion, and when the Babby adjusts to that, we'll start giving bink-free sleep a go. For the moment, though, I'm having enough trouble trying to keep getting dressed and getting into the carseat and longer car rides and day-to-day disappointments relatively trauma-free. Because thus far, pacifier weaning has been a lot like trying to keep a PMSing cigarette addict away from her smokes.

Anyone have any great pacifier weaning suggestions?


  1. See, this is why I always come to you for parenting advice first, mkb!

  2. My daughter absolutely loved her pacifier. I knew it was going to be tricky and I have to say that I tried a few different times. In the end I decided to tell her that the pacifiers had to be put in the garbage to give to other babies that needed them. While she was sleeping I threw out half of them and kept all of the others completely out of her sight.

    My doctor told me that it may be a rough couple of days and it definitely was, but she quickly forgot about her pacifier.

    A funny thing happened after her pacifiers were gone, she started talking a lot more. It has been a ride ever since. :)

    Good luck! Hang in there, it can be done. I promise.

  3. My kids never took to the pacifier. I remember thinking that I wish they liked it on those days they just couldn't stop crying. BTW-your daughter is absolutely adorable! Found you on sits. Come visit my blog. I have a great giveaway on cute little girl clothes.

  4. @Cupcake Dreamer She may talk more?! EEK! She already talks a ton, just usually sort of muffled ;-) We thought about waiting until she was old enough to grasp the idea that there were babies who needed binkies in Hawaii or wherever, but we figured we'd give cold turkey a go first. So far, it's getting a little easier each day - she seems to get that binkies are for naps and nighttime, but she still asks for her bink a lot. Thanks for the support!

    @Small Burst Consider yourself lucky! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm giving your giveaway a looksee right now :-)

  5. Marlie didn't take a pacifier either although we offered. Sometimes I wish I could plug one in her mouth when she needs soothing, but then again it would be another thing she'd need to wean off of like my boobs.

    btw, I keep reading about this paci weaning bear on other mom blogs that is supposed to work wonders since the child is empowered to give them up

  6. I've heard parents talk of the binky fairy coming and taking them away...

  7. @Teresha Maybe for next go around! She already has her Flatcat, so the chances of her liking another lovey are slim (and we have so many back-up Flatcats already lurking in the closet, wouldn't want to waste them). When I searched for the bink bear, one sweet idea I found was having one bink sewn into a Build-A-Bear plushie, just as a token reminder.

    @Kristy If we were waiting until two or so, that was the plan, or something like that. But I think she's too young now to understand what we'd be suggesting and what the outcome would be.

  8. As I don't have kids, the only suggestion that comes to mind is having her drink through a straw.

    But that might actually be a terrible idea, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me!

  9. I have no advice. My daughter hated them, at about 2 months she wouldn't take one anymore. She has however become attached to boobies. Something I am trying to wean her from. Good luck! (Visiting from Sits Tribe Building)


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