Friday, October 22, 2010

Gonna Be a Long Winter...

I'm totally in one of those places where I don't know what to write about. Right this second, I should be working, and now that the weather is getting colder I'm starting to worry about how I'll occupy the Babby without her getting frostbite. Because even when it's extra nippy she loves being OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE. My guess? I'm going to spend this winter freezing my buns off at the park, at the zoo, at the beach, etc.

And I don't know if it's the fact that it's getting chillier or a tooth coming in or that we've been letting the Babby watch My Neighbor Totoro or what, but boy, has she been a serious cranky pants. We failed to meet the momfriends for coffee this past Thursday because after 15 minutes of trying to wrestle the Babby into her shoes, socks, and jacket (with the car seat UFC to look forward to once that was done), I didn't have the stomach to continue the struggle. She was in tears. I was in tears. And no one was wearing any shoes because I took mine off.

Whatever is going on, I hope it's just some kind of developmental phase. The BabbyDaddy thinks it means a breakthrough is on the horizon - he's noticed that she tends to get cross about everything just before a new skill or cognitive ability emerges. I think maybe she's just PO'ed because it's cold.


  1. Happy SITS Saturday Share fest! I'm so happy that they predicted us (North Carolina) not having the type of winter that we has last year. I'm excited! Low chances of snow and ice! We froze last year and had lots of black ice. Ugh!

    I'll be at the zoo, the beach, and outdoors with my little one this winter too! I can empathize...

  2. did all the babies get the cranky pants memo? because min has been throwing fits left and right. I hope it's a phase too, for all parents' sake


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