Monday, November 22, 2010

How Much Do Babies Go for On the Black Market These Days, Anyway?

Oh, boy, I'm sleepy. And pretty much behind on just about everything I'm supposed to be working on. I haven't been feeling so hot lately, and the Babby is just... well, let's just say her two-year molars better be coming in because if this is some kind of phase, I'm going to sell her on the black market.

When the Babby is happy, it's like she's her usual darling self. But when she's sad or mad, watch out. We've seen a little bit of hitting and kicking lately, which we're taking steps to end immediately. But the worst of it has to be the Babby's extremely short fuse - one tiny thing can set her off and then it's tantrum time.

I'm kind of at a loss, so I'm just trying to roll with the punches (and the kicks) until we figure out just what is going on in that sweet little head of hers. Oh, and did I mention, she has a prickly rash on her back and belly? I'd call the pediatrician's office, but she's had a rash like this before, and their take was: "Does she have any other symptoms? No? Does she have a fever? No? Does she seem itchy or in pain? No? Then just keep an eye on it."

It's one thing to deal with all this when you feel fine and being a mama is your only full-time job, it's entirely another thing when you feel like poop and you've got lots of work on your plate on top of being a full-time mama.

The BabbyDaddy has been great through all of this, though I wouldn't be so behind on work if he hadn't been away and then immediately after had a bunch of late days at work. That really cut into my ability to get things done. I'm actually super glad that Thanksgiving is this week because we're not traveling or planning anything major - Thanksgiving tacos, banana pie, and whatever else I can stomach - so I may be able to sneak in some work time while the BabbyDaddy bonds with the Babby.


  1. You know, my fourth always seems to have a weird rash that comes and goes... he never seems to bother him, can't figure out any foods it's tied to... no strange laundry detergent... I can't figure it out for the life of me!

    But just so you know, it will get better :) Toddlers can be a super big handful!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the commiseration, Courtney! Always nice to know I'm not the only one in my shoes!

  3. It sucks to have your normally sweet babe turn into a dragon when she's not feeling well. Mine can be a downright monster, albeit a cute one. I keep having to remind myself that if she could tell me what is wrong, she would do so and I could fix it. Until then, I just have to deal with how she communicates which is lost of shrieking, and babbling pointing at what exactly?, and fits in a loving yet firm manner. I hope things turn a corner soon!


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