Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Honor of Prematurity Awareness Month

Did you know it's Prematurity Awareness Month? I do some work for Grahams Foundation, an organization that helps the parents of micro-preemie babies still in the NICU, and they could always use a little help. Graham’s Foundation is hosting an Invested.in fundraising campaign through November asking for micro-donations to fund the awesome care packages they send to moms and dads of micro-preemies.

A micro-preemie is defined as a baby that is under 1 3/4 pounds (between 700-800 grams) and born before 26 weeks gestation, but most people prefer to include any baby under 3 pounds (1500 grams) or under 29 weeks gestation under the micro-preemie umbrella.

Please consider donating, and help spread awareness by sharing their project with your friends and family. Thanks!


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