Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fine Art of Ignoring Your Parents

Even though I like to harp on about how little the Babby eats - ans: very little - and how hard it is to wean the Babby off the bink - ans: very hard - I'd have to say that our biggest issue as parents right now is discipline. Now, anyone who knows me could probably tell you that I'm pretty low-key when it comes to toddler discipline. Mainly because their little brains just aren't capable of making certain leaps or logic or holding on to certain information for longer than three seconds.

Oh, I'll do time outs for hitting and "No taking" can be heard any time the Babby has a friend over and we're all about please and thank you. But when it comes to a lot of minor things, I have trouble getting too out of sorts.

What I really don't like, though, is when the Babby ignores us. I'd rather her challenge us with a "No!" or a shake of the head when we ask her or tell her to do something than have her stare off into the distance, pointedly ignoring what we're saying. I know her hearing is just fine, so it's not that she doesn't realize we're talking to her. And it just seems so deliberate, because she kind of puts on a specific face when she's decided not to acknowledge us. A real big girl mug, if you will.

Honestly, I have no idea what to do about it - other than bodily pick the Babby up and make her do whatever it is that she's supposed to be doing. Getting up into her chair to eat. Laying down to get changed. Etc. Any suggestions?


  1. Other than having the babby's (love that word!) hearing checked out -- I'd just work on showing them what you want them to do, reinforce with your direction, and then praise them when it's done right. That's all I got -- my boys are 26 and 29. I can't remember what I did with them. ;)

  2. This is an ongoing challenge for us too. Mostly with Chris, Everett has learned not to ignore me because my voice gets sterner and I guess that's enough for him to know I'm serious. Chris gets really upset, though, when he is ignored and I think Everett keys into that a little. I know he's 2 but he is definitely aware of what he can get away with when it comes to Christopher versus me. Like bed time, for instance. When Chris puts him to bed he usually ends up going back into the room three or four times because Ev gets up and turns on his light and cries for him. When I go in, all of that nonsense stops and he goes to bed.

    My tactic with the ignoring is to make him look at me while I'm talking to him. I will prevent him from doing whatever it is he wants to do until he looks at me for the duration of me speaking to him. This upset him a bunch in the beginning but now he just sits through it and usually says "okay mama" afterward.

  3. I grab a hand & calmly redirect focus. Sometimes this age just needs us to do what we want them to do WITH them, until they can do it on their own. And then, they'll start spontaneously doing things by themselves which will MAJORLY help once you get your babies!


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