Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And What the Heck Do I Spend All My Time Doing, Then?

Does anyone else feel really... um... inadequate when reading blogs like this one? I do love that blog. If you feel weird about sewing things like jersey fabric, that blog will give you the confidence to start doing t-shirt mods. There are great, easy tutorials for things like zipper pouches and little girl clothes, too. But I look at everything the writer makes and does, and suddenly I feel like I must not be using my time effectively. She has more kids than I do, keeps a shop, makes and modifies clothing, and even makes wedding cakes!

I'm pretty sure that, unlike me, she also finds the time to take a shower every day!

Sure, I make plans to make things. I have about 10 shirts that I ought to have made into dresses for the Babby months and months ago. In fact, I have a whole list of things to make, and various pieces of fabric lying around, waiting. I'd love to get some things into my Etsy store - yes, I have one, which I created specifically to sell one bag to one person.

Every day, something pops into my head, some project. And while I feel like there are never enough hours in the day, all those crafty people out there have the same number of hours as I do. And now that the prospect of a real job is looming large in my future - ack ack ack - I feel like omigosh I have to get on all these projects and get them done. We'll see if the motivation lives up to the desire, I guess.

But, hey, just so I don't sound too down on myself, I can make a wedding cake, too. Just not as well. Check it:


  1. Meh... you just have to remember that those blogs show only a TINY segment of life. And in the pictures, you can't hear kids fighting and crying because they are being neglected :) I know from experience :)

  2. I have to agree with Courtney. In the 12 waking hours I have at home with my daughter I am: 1. preparing three home-cooked meals (subtract 3 hours) 2. cleaning and/or doing laundry (subtract 2 hours ) 3. changing diapers, bathing her, etc.. (subtract 1 hour) 4. reading, doing Montessori lessons, dancing, playing, walking the dog (subtract 4 hours). I get exactly 2 hours at nap time to catch up on emails, blog, check facebook, tweet. There is no time for craft projects. But I know this will change when she's in preschool. While she's home, she has my undivided attention

  3. When kids are older it's easier to do lots of stuff. When they are small you have three options...1) involve them or give them something to do along side you 2) do it while they sleep 3) use a babysitter so you don't have to worry about it at all.

    Or do what I do...wait until bedtime and then stay up way too late sewing your heart out. :)

  4. @Courtney Good reminder. Whenever I'm feeling envious of people, I always try to tell myself that I don't know what's really going on in their lives or in their heads. The Babby did sit and watch me sew today, which was kind of fun.

    @Teresha Ooh, Montessori lessons! Is that something you bought or are there resources online? I'm always looking for interesting things to do with the Babby.

    @Audrey You're lucky, though, in that E. seems to be a lot better at self-directed play (unless I'm way off) than the Babby who almost ALWAYS wants a full-participation companion for playtime. She's gotten a little better lately, which has been good for working. But it's not like I can ever count on a minute to myself unless she's asleep or I turn on a video (and sometimes not even then).

  5. From the grandma generation...I think you ladies are Wonder Women. Seriously. You sew, cook, bake, garden, photograph, DIY home improvements, craft, blog, work for pay. You are wonderful moms. I stand in awe of you.

  6. @momomom Too bad 'having it all' isn't all it's cracked up to be! I feel like us ladies have gotten roped into this weird extreme - once upon a time, I guess someone thought women weren't doing enough. Now we're expected to do everything under the sun!

  7. Yes, I do think the "having it all" bit makes this sort of overwhelmed problem and the economy makes you need to work for outside pay regardless of wanting it "all" or not.

    But...lots of cute crafts, home and kids have resulted. (Gotta have a positive spin.)


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