Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Reaaaaally Baaaaaaaad!'

Every demand the Babby makes these days is punctuated. She doesn't just want a cracker or to watch dinosaurs or juice.

She wants it "reaaaally baaaaaad!"

Neither I nor the BabbyDaddy has any idea where this phrase came from or how she learned to associate it with desires instead of, say, ouchies or the horrible songs in the Land Before Time TV series.

But sometimes I think she must have gotten it from me, because I am definitely one of those people wants what I want when I want it. Cookies at 11:30 p.m. that I have to make myself. Veggie sausages for dinner when it means rolling to TJ's post-bedtime. Time on the exercise equipment when it's right next to the BabbyDaddy's desk. And so on.

Maybe it's a lesson? Like maybe I need to tone down the wanting when I start feeling like I need this or that reaaaaaaly baaaaaad.

P.S. - The road gladdens the obsessed ghost.


  1. Oh, she's cute! I could use a cookie "reaaaally baaaaaad!" myself right now :)

    Visiting from SITS!

  2. Thanks! I'm right there with you on the cookie, even though it's Wednesday morning. But there's more snow in our future, which means more shoveling. Yuckers.

  3. Well if she wants it Reealllly baaad. My guy wants it now or 'just one'.


  4. Hee, LisaDay! THe Babby also wants things "on ground" and "on table" a lot of the time.


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