Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting My Dinosaurs All In a Row

My latest short term goals involve making my chaotic life a little more orderly and organized. After losing the twins, I let a lot of things slide. Now more than a month after receiving the initial diagnosis - on my mother's birthday, with her there, isn't that awful? - I'm trying so hard to get back on track. To get my dinosaurs all in a row, you might say.

So I'm cleaning out my email inbox, for one thing. And not just deleting everything, but actually taking charge. I'm doing crafty projects that have been on various to-do lists for too long. My house is getting back in shape and so am I. I'm getting around to posting giveaways that I've been sitting on, like the one currently going on over at Manolo for the Brides for some really awesome cookies! And I'm trying to get rid of stuff that's just sitting around my house taking up space - like a broken lamp, clothes I no longer wear, books I'll never read again, and so on.

Maybe if I can recapture that ultra-organized feeling I once had, I can start making some bank again and full-time job versus freelancing won't be an issue anymore.


  1. i'm trying to get stuff done as well! i freecycled our old TV and a baby swing i never used.

  2. i'm stopping in from SITS...but i can tell you i lost my type a organization with the 3rd child. the 4th, that just made me smile and walk away!! i dream of the day of a clean and organized house, now i'm happy when i achieve one at a time.

  3. thank you SITStah for stopping by my blog today! Your *adorable* little cutie put a smile into my morning

  4. There is something about getting organized at home that helps you order your mind. Love the pic of Babby with her dinosaurs!


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