Friday, January 21, 2011

Re-Adventures In Cloth Diaper Usage

The Background: At the start of last summer, the Babby was getting near-constant diaper rash. That's when we stopped using cloth diapers. We tried creams, of course, but anyone who's ever used cloth diapers knows that cloth diapering and diaper creams usually don't mix because creams form a barrier that means liquids can't actually be absorbed. Oops. Hello, leakage! So we washed and washed and washed - that took care of the absorption issues. But not the diaper rash.

Check out classic Babby in her BumGenius:

So we said, let's stop using the cloth diapers for the summer. Maybe it's just too darn hot in there, and that's causing the rash. Switching to disposable diapers did the trick - about an hour after putting her in one, the rash started to clear up. But when the weather got colder, the Babby still got a rash every time we tried our cloth diapers.

Next step, washing in some clear stuff that a friend gave us. The only problem? We were so used to disposables that it seemed like too much trouble to go back to washing and stuffing and shaking poop into the toilet.

The Experiment: Cut to January - we're almost out of disposable diapers and that box of clothies is looking pretty tempting. Especially after reading this. I do love saving money! And not having to drive all the way to the Costco for diapers. I start stuffing diapers and we give them a go. Funnily enough, she doesn't actually make a poop when she's wearing one, so it's smooth sailing and I'm starting to think that cloth diapering is awesome. Until today...

The Now: ... when the Babby makes a giant poop. And of course, it leaks out of the diaper and out of her undershirt into her jimjams. Luckily, this was not one of those cases of leakage that involves cutting the kid out of her clothing, so getting her stripped down was no big deal. While I'm cleaning out the diaper itself, I get it on my hands... the side of the toilet... the floor... and THE WALL. Yeah, I don't know how that happens, either. But it did. And now my zeal for cloth diapering has gone way down.

The Conclusion: My zeal for saving money is still as strong, so I'm going to stick it out. I've opened up our BumGenius supply to the largest size - poop oozing out of the side may have been due to there simply not being enough room for a toddler-sized load. And I guess I have to get used to doing things like scraping and shaking poop into the toilet. Maybe this will inspire us to get hardcore about potty pushing?

UPDATE: Casualties so far include one undershirt (poop), one set of jimjams (poop), and one pair of paints (pee). Best get the hang of this quick!


  1. You've heard this a million times and I hate to be so redundant - but you'll be so happy when the potty training time comes. So much money/time saved, even if you do have to interrupt meals for about six months because "MAMA, I HAVE TO GO POTTY" is announced loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear.

    We had a hell of a time with diaper rash and the only thing that worked well was the A&D, and also letting her run around in the buff as much as possible. (Now we have problems with candida in its other form - the juvenile yeast infections. Hello, baking soda baths!)

  2. Way to look at the positive! Fingers crossed the new amount of space will be the perfect amount!

  3. I can't wait to potty train. Just about an hour ago, Marlie removed her cloth diaper and cover and smeared poop all over her crib, bedding, blanket, dolly, and clothes. Luckily, daddy was home to help or I would have had a meltdown. I hate poop, but I love cloth diapers more. hang in there!

  4. I have been so happy with our BG, except for the fact that after almost 2 years the hook and loop on our 3.0's is wearing so we are sending them off on Monday to be tailored for snaps. Very exciting, well only as exciting as diapering gets. I hope you stick it out and find your groove. Do you have a diaper sprayer attachment for your toilet? It can make a big difference in terms of time spent and messes to deal with. Good Luck and keep us updated!

  5. @E.H. I am definitely looking forward to it! Not so much all the accidents, though. I have six younger siblings, and I remember so many accidents.

    @Megan It seems to be working all right - but it's hard to know when to change her. No smell gets out of these things!

    @Teresha Eek! Luckily, Paloma has shown only the slightest interest in undressing herself. And now that it's cold, pretty much none at all.

    @Erin We actually haven't needed one - the poop spoon has been sufficient ;-) I definitely want to stick it out - I love the savings!!

  6. You know what? Life is too short to deal with all that crap... errr poop. My son got horrid rashes and I couldn't use cloth no matter what. I was secretly relieved because the amount of money I would have saved just wasn't worth the stress of dealing with cloth diapers and rashes. Go for the disposable - it's OK - really! Buy extra and .... oh, ok. I am a bad influence. Just ignore me and do what you want!!! But serioiusly, compare stress vs. savings!!


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