Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where's the Heartache, Hello?

I thought it might be good to clarify a little something here, just in case anyone out there in Internetville was wondering how I've gotten over my miscarriage so quickly.

The short answer is that I haven't.

I'm just a realist - no one wants to read the weeptastic ramblings of someone who's missing babies that never were. At least not in blog format. And not after a few weeks has gone by, since that's how long people usually get to grieve in public before other people start to get weirded out. So whenever I get that itch to pour my heart out, I've been doing it privately for the purposes of going public eventually.

You know me; can't stop working!

Figure I'll just throw everything on paper as it hits me, go back and edit in the long term, then try to market it as a book for publication. Here's me, always thinking in the long term.

And speaking of the long term, I'm going to give NuvaRing a shot tomorrow. After some discussion with my neonatalogist - what craptacular bit of karma made it so I get to say my neonatalogist, anyway? - we determined that it seemed like the easiest option in terms of not having to remember to do a thing, not having to get something implanted internally, and ease of stoppage so I can schedule future fertility around the big family reunion in Berlin.

Um, can I go all TMI on you for a second? If you're squeamish, just stop reading now. Still here? Okay, my big NuvaRing fear is that I'm going to accidentally push it into the toilet when I'm pooping. The directions suggest reaching in and washing it off gently with warm water. Um, gross?


  1. Is Lorena (I know it says Virginia, sorry).

    I don't really ever know what to say, except that my ears are still open and I can't see em closing any time soon.

    As far as the Nuvaring I've been using it for several years and I love it. If you have questions I'm here, and as you probably know by now I don't really get the concept of TMI so feel free to pick my brains about whatever.

  2. firstly...thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you come back... cute is your daughter? love the white blond hair...adorable! sorry for your miscarriage...I've never been through that and can't imagine how you must feel...
    fourthly...if I pushed out a nuva ring while pooping no amount of warm water would make me feel okay about sticking that sucker but up...ewww!!!! I have an IUD and I don't think that piece of plastic's going anywhere!
    and I'm queen of TMI...

  3. I'm gonna skip the TMI - hoho - and go straight to THAT GEORGEOUS PICTURE of Miss Priss - I love her crossed feet - so lady like surrounded by her subjects!

  4. @Virginia Thank you. The second hard thing is I really don't know what to talk about... Weird, no? So I'm rocking the NuvaRing and I haven't had it come out yet, except for when I used it with a tampon for a day when I first put it in (since it was like Day 4 of my period or something).

    @Not a Perfect Mom Yep, she's a cutie! I wish she'd keep the hair, but me and all my sibs started out with that hair and ended up with brown, boooo.

    @LBDDiaries Cats make the best subjects, especially in winter when they're all inclined to stay in one sunny spot even when bugged by a toddler!

    @Courtney It's actually pretty great! I don't feel it, I don't have to remember to do anything for three weeks - thank you, multiple calendars. One step down from the IUD, I think, which is my fave BC ever!

  5. The NuvaRing DEF does not come out whilst pooping. Maybe during wild lovin' but not really even that.

    Good luck!



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