Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Finally Have a Bedroom Again!

What you see above is a big part of why I haven't had any time to write this past week. I've been swamped looking for new work, doing the work I have on my plate, finishing up the bedroom (with some help from friends, yay!), keeping the Babby happy and stimulated, and doing assorted crafts for the Babby's upcoming birthday. 

And you know what? This year I'm actually going to take pictures of my handiwork. Can you believe that last year, when the Babby turned one, I took about three photos, all three of which were kind of bleh? Oh well, lesson learned! And now, it's time for more of that work on my plate - done to the soundtrack of the BabbyDaddy teaching the Babby how to sing Jump In the Line, hee. And then later, I get to meet a friend at the pottery studio! 

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