Monday, February 7, 2011

Mama Has the Baby Crack Weaning Blues, Big Time

The BabbyDaddy came up with an interesting reason for the Babby's recent string of mega-tantrums that are obviously related to pacifier weaning.

You see, ever since we took the bink away, the Babby has at least one meltdown during the day. And during that meltdown, she will ask (as pathetically as possible) for X and Y and Z, but when given X, Y, or Z looks horrified and responds with "No, I don't liiiike it!" or "No, I don't waaaaant it!" or some variation thereof. Sometimes she will simultaneously try to climb onto my lap and wiggle out of my lap, which ends up looking like the macabre dance of a dying insect.

It can be exhausting trying to figure out just what it is she wants!

Because what the Babby really wants is the bink. 

Since we began our pacifier weaning journey, she has asked for that particular thing less and less. This weekend, I don't think she's asked for it at all. She aaaalmost did once - I could hear her start to say it - but then she paused mid-word and asked for something else. She definitely oh-so-desperately does want a bink, the poor little thing, and here we are not giving her what for just about two years has been her favorite source of comfort.

So during these tantrums, according to the BabbyDaddy, the Babby's brain is going into overdrive, trying to find some alternate form of comfort. But when these alternate forms of comfort actually appear, they are *not* a bink and *not* as good as a bink and as a result she rejects them and gets even more upset in the process. Isn't that just the saddest story ever told? Right now, even Flatcat isn't enough to overcome that intense desire for the pacifier.

But I'm glad to say that it's not ALL gloom and doom here in Babbyland. We're having at least one, but no more than two meltdowns per day, and they don't last *that* long. I think - honestly, it's hard to tell. The Babby is still pretty happy most of the time... see?


  1. Super cute blog!! When Miss P finally was forced to give up her "babu" (we don't know where she came up w/ that name, we just went with it) - it was an awful, awful night. She was trying to get out of her bed, I was holding her - both of us crying until 11:00 pm. There were a few more tears after that but nothing too bad. It was so traumatic as I am not a CIO Mama!! I did let her go pick out a treat the next day, but even w/ a new bike (the kid dreams big apparently) - it still wasn't as good :(

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. look at her...she's an angel!

    btw, Marlie has been attending as home-based Montessori school two days a week since the Fall. She loves it and my sanity is in recovery

  3. considering nathan isn't even giving up any baby crack and still has oh, seventeen hundred meltdowns a day, paloma seems to be doing pretty good.

    seriously, all day is a giant meltdown for nathan. he's very two years old, all of a sudden.

  4. She is SO CUTE!

    We're trying to find the best way to wean our almost-2-year-old from the pacifier, but he ONLY uses them at night and I'm worried about the loss of sleep for all of us. Sounds like we might have to just suck it up and deal.

  5. I hope it gets better. I was planning to do the cold turkey approach around her birthday, but I really have to steel myself for it. Evelyn already melts down about every stupid thing even with a pacifier in her mouth, and it's the only thing that will diffuse tantrums in progress. I should have taken it away around her first birthday! ARGH!

    We've gotten the actual talk from the dentist about this so it needs to happen soon before her teeth get more jacked up.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come back any time, I love new friends. :)

    Really enjoyed reading this post. No kiddos of our own yet, but I'm always interested in how the growing up years go for other people. I think it makes me feel like I'll be more prepared for my own kiddos someday, but in reality, that's probably not true, haha!

  7. I know it's too late this time around... but perhaps next time:

    I found that stopping the bink at around 10-12 months was really ideal. Most babies have lost the true *need* to suck and haven't yet developed a dependency on it for comfort/self-soothing and are then able to develop other strategies.


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