Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Adventures in Cashmere Crafting

After making the Babby's little cashmere dress, I still have plenty of cashmere in my fabric bin thanks to the saddest allergy ever. The solution? Give this tutorial a try. This was the result, as modeled by the handsome N.:

The good: This cashmere sewed as easily as the other, even though I forgot to increase my stitch length. Making the scarf turned out all right, and the hat was vaguely hat shaped. The bad: The 'ears' turned out two different sizes and because the hat is still a bit roomy, it doesn't fit quite right. There's sort of a bulge by the right 'ear'.


  1. but it's super cute, and he loves it! babbies do not care about lumps.

  2. True. Sometimes I wonder why there's all this fancy clothes when toddlers would probably like to wear jimjams all day. Which is what the Babby did today, actually.


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