Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now *I* Want a Bink

Somehow, with the BabbyDaddy taking a snow day, my flippant idea to simply make all the binks disappear got put into practice. Like ha ha I was kidding when I suggested it. No, really. When I said let's make all the binks disappear, it was just me putting forth an idea for the future, not saying Let's do this right now while the Babby is already crying.

For real, I did not mean it.

Because right now, listening to the Babby going ballistic what I would like to do more than anything is clip Soothie pacifiers to every clippable corner of the house so there is always one in reach. For the Babby. For me. For the cats and anyone else who feels like they'd be a little calmer, a little happier with a couple of quick suckles of hospital-grade silicone.

...cut to at least an hour later...

The Babby sounds happy enough now squealing about dinosaurs on a boat or whatever, but I am tearing up something fierce.

UPDATE: The BabbyDaddy managed to put the Babby down for her regular nap without a bink. And I am totally intimidated thinking about how I am going to have to do the same thing tomorrow and Friday, all by my lonesome. Eep.


  1. Good luck with getting rid of the binks. My daughter never took to one but she LOVES sucking on her thumb. I'm trying to wean her of that, but it's hard. I can't exactly take away her thumbs :/

  2. They do say that binks are more addictive generally - not always - but also easier to take away. But according to my pediatrician, wee ones who love the thumb are still less likely to have speech problems than bink addicts because they're more likely to remove the thumb to talk. The Babby always talked around the bink.


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