Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Renovation Diaries: Shuffling the Stuff

Now that all the renovating is done for the moment, we're in the process of shuffling stuff. To clear out the room that is now our bedroom, we had to stash a bunch of stuff in the finished half of the basement, sleep in my old office, and basically find little corners for everything. What does shuffling stuff entail? Spreading out again, yay! The BabbyDaddy is pretty excited because he's finally getting a private home office. And I'm pretty excited because eventually his old desk will become my crafting area (instead of the center of the family room on multiple makeshift tables).

But I also feel a little guilty because, well, the BabbyDaddy's new home office will be unfinished. And by unfinished, I'm talking about beams and sub-flooring. He's okay with that, but I can guarantee it's going to be pretty darn chilly in the wintertime and pretty darn hot in the summer! The upside to this sacrifice will be that he'll be able to make sounds without worrying about bothering the Babby and he'll have a lot more room to spread out his music gear - currently stashed in various nooks and corners. Overall, it's going to be sweeeeet, though I still wish we had enough cash on hand to have finished the whole upstairs at once.

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