Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Day Weekends Mess With My Head

I like three-day weekends - who doesn't? 

But I like them even more when I (and the BabbyDaddy, too) get a bunch of stuff done. Like scheduling blog posts here, here, and here so I'm working ahead in case I need to take any time off. Or putting up a bunch of stuff for sale on Amazon - I have too many books and the BabbyDaddy has too many video games, so why not make a quick buck while divesting ourselves of them? 

Plus cleaning half the basement family room, moving most of the clothes up to our new bedroom, almost finishing the Babby's silly party hat, and especially switching out the light fixtures so the light in the stairwell would no longer be a bare bulb, ew.

The most important thing I did, though, was sit and read while drinking a nice hot cup of coffee this morning while the BabbyDaddy read to the Babby. The second most important thing was buying belated Valentine's Day sundae fixins. (The dumbest thing I did was forget to buy another 800 packages of premium American cheese for the Babby. Oops.)

Now it's time to embark upon another week - one in which I will have to constantly remind myself that tomorrow is in fact Tuesday, not Monday, so remember to plan for pottery, and that Wednesday is Wednesday and Mom's Night, not Tuesday and pottery. Confusing, no? 


  1. It gets even worse when I don't have anything to anchor me on my schedule - as in when I'm working, but nothing has a firm due date. Then I never know what day it is unless I really think about it!

  2. Popped in from SITS! I think they mess with all of us!

  3. @The Blonde Duck Sure, but at least the BabbyDaddy has an office job and can say pretty definitively, okay, today is Tuesday :)

  4. I'm still not sure what day it is! But somehow, four day weeks always seem even longer than five day weeks. Don't ask me why!

    (P.S. I blog under the name Ginny, but my real name is Christa. :)

  5. Hey, neat! I'm always glad to meet another Christa!

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