Monday, March 21, 2011

The Babby Can't Drive 55

 Today, when I picked the Babby up from childcare, the first thing she said to me was "Mama, I want to drive home in the car in the snow." And I'm pretty sure that she meant *she* wanted to drive the car, not just be transported home in the car. I kid you not - lately, this toddler has been expressing a strong interest in operating the family vehicle. 

However, I have seen first hand how the Babby drives - that video is old but her driving skills have not improved markedly since then - and consequently I do not think our insurance company would appreciate my letting the Babby get behind the wheel.


  1. She had such little hair then! Oh my goodness. <3

  2. She's ready to graduate to motorized wheels! She needs one of those Barbie jeeps, LOL!

  3. @m0xiee I know, right? Now she can rock a ponytail and clips!

    @Teresha My dad's comment was 'Just wait a few years until she's crashing your car!'


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