Friday, March 11, 2011

The Best Laid Plans Will Always Go Awry

It would be a big old fib to suggest that this has been the worst week of my life, but it has been pretty sad. I've been trying to process - really internalize - the fact that on Monday I'll be spending six-plus-a-little-more hours away from the Babby and then every day after that for the foreseeable future.

(Yes, I am that big of a sissy. I would probably just flop over dead if I ever had to travel for work...)

While I've had some positive revelations about life and myself this week, what I really wanted was to make this last week at home extra special for me and the Babby. And I tried. We've gone to the park and we've looked for dogs and we've talked to crows and talked about the sky and trains and made footprints on the basketball court with the water from puddles of slowly melting ice.

But this week has been full of downers, too. I got some really bad news that I don't particularly feel like sharing. The BabbyDaddy was really sick. I ended up missing out on a lot of sleep. Teething. An unexpected visit to the pediatrician for something minor. I can't finish my owl pillow because I lost my only needle. Something has prevented me every day from mailing out packages and going to the market. And it's already Friday and I still have freelance work I need to wrap up.

Today is an especially gray and rainy day and the Babby steadfastly did not want to go to any of the indoor playgrounds and she's cranky because her teeth hurt and I'm cranky because I'm so sad. Which doesn't exactly make for a very happy or fun or special last day home together. *sigh*


  1. Big hugs. It is so hard to start daycare, although you may be surprised at how quickly you both adjust. I hope it's the case.

    Also, I hear you on the week's suckage. Today's even my b-day and I'd rather climb back into bed than face the world. I think I may have made my eyes permanently puffy from crying. Sigh.

    May you have a wonderful, relaxed, easy weekend!

  2. Hi from SITS! And... so sorry. These transitions can be hard :(. Your babby will still love you though, be sure of that :)

  3. I am sorry this week has sucked for you! I am sending happy vibes your way.

    Thank you for your comments on my SITS day! I really appreciate it :)


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