Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is the Babby the Wolfrider? Only Time Will Tell.

Brilliant weekend. No, really. We have my dad's wedding coming up in less than a week, and there's been a lot to do to prepare. Work-wise, clothing-wise, and house-wise. You name it.

But I basically barreled through my responsibilities so I even got time to play around. Made these:

We even went to the zoo as a family in the first time since forever!

Pretty much the first thing we saw were the wolves, and it just so happened that the Babby was wearing her squeakers. Turns out, wolves really dig the squeakers, because they were following along with us on the path and literally trying to dig their way out of their enclosure to eat the Babby's feet.

(It would have been less awesome if the fences and Plexiglas hadn't been there.)

At the end, in case you can't understand her, the Babby says: "Come back! I want to be careful. I want to ride on your back!"


  1. Thanks, Kristy! I'm really proud of the way it came out because it's the first t-shirt mod I've ever tried :)


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