Friday, March 25, 2011

Unexpected Consequences of Becoming a Working Mom

As if going back to work after being a pseudo stay at home mom wasn't trying enough,there's also the fact that I have not one, but two jobs. 

(And I'm not talking about motherhood being a job in and of itself because blah blah sure it's hard, but it's not the same kind of hard as having to wake up and report for duty early-whirly every day in some too hot too cold too bright too loud office you'd rather not be in where people who'd you'd probably never be friends with otherwise ask you if you saw last night's episode of whatever while you expend your energy making some already well-off dude even more well-off and drink 1500 cups of coffee just to take the edge off. One is a joy and one is something one is forced by circumstance to do.*) 

In addition to weaving together fascinating copy on topics as scintillating as inshore fishing and finding a personal injury attorney, I still blog for my supper.

Or I guess, I blog for half my supper, since my post-tax, post-childcare income comes out to about the same number as my pre-tax blogging income. Which makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, but that's neither here nor there.

So someone right now might be thinking that the unexpected consequence of becoming a working mom is less time spent with the Babby. Duh, no. That would be the expected consequence of becoming a working mom.

But as long as I really apply myself to my work like that very naughty cockatiel who finishes like a boss, I'm not pining away for the Babby at my place of employment. And then I come home and we're all - as we were today - walking to the park and eating a cookie and climbing like monkeys on the playground and checking out earthworms and then putting handfuls of grossgrass on earthworms until one of us tells the other to stop because earthworms are animals and we have to be nice to them.

(I'll let you guess who schooled who on earthworm etiquette.)

Anyway, to kill the suspense I'm sure was growing there, the unexpected consequence of becoming a working a mom for me is having to go to bed really extra early. I mean extra early for me, so like 10:30 p.m. Keep in mind that I am not and never have been a night owl. I'm like a mid-morning owl, and sometimes a second-wind post-dinnertime owl. But nighttime is the right time when it comes to things like sewing, exercising, refinishing furniture, and other fun things. Given a later bedtime, I can refinish a couple of picture frames or cut fabric for a project.

Now, best I can do after doing the work I need to do for the blogs is ride the stationary bike until bedtime. Blah. (Though admittedly I did reupholster a lampshade for the Babby's room last night, but that meant we probably went to bed somewhere around quarter to midnight. *yawn*)

Anyway, here's a short film the Babby made. I'd call it "arty". 

*NOTE: I am not saying this is or isn't my personal work experience, but rather that a lot of paid work outside of the home is basically that.


  1. I love having that time when the kiddos are in bed. Having to go to bed early definitely cuts back on the "me time"!

  2. @Ginny Me time is great - but I think I miss the 'make time' the most! If I'm going to do the whole regular job thing, I need my creative outlet!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    Quality time like you got at the park is awesome, isn't it?

  4. @carina You're very welcome! And yeah, I am thankful for the daylight savings time and the flexible work arrangement that lets me come home with enough time and daylight left to play outside!

  5. The challenge of trying to fit it all in. Hope you can find the right balance!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  6. she's a natural filmmaker!
    she even has that shaky camera technique. I have been going to bed at 9 since I've been getting up early to workout. I miss having that time... I don't anything productive like you, just watch Adult Swim

  7. @Teresha I try and try to get the hang of going to bed at a reasonable time, but then just end up staying up five more minutes and five more minutes etc. until it's 11 again! And I may be productive but the TV is def. ON.


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