Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Talk, Toddler Talk, and Babby Talk

Bye bye, baby talk!

The Babby may not be the most adventurous toddler or the most dexterous toddler or a toddler who's particularly good at listening when she doesn't like what I'm saying or following directions when she's otherwise engaged. 

But the Babby is a toddler who is amazingly good at holding down her end of a conversation. (Edit: Provided we're not in a group setting that has caused her to retreat into her turtle shell of silent shyness.)

toddler talking

Of course, I'm biased, so take my superlatives with a grain of salt. Perhaps the Babby's conversational skills aren't particularly amazing from a developmental point of view, but I personally am amazed at how well she engages in verbal back-and-forths. 

Chats that are not only sensical, but also fairly interesting and mostly relevant.

In other words, I can talk to my daughter, not just at my daughter, and with some regularity, expect replies that encourage further discussion. 

It's fun to ask the Babby questions that stretch her limits - she cocks her little head and adopts an expression that makes me imagine a Star Trek computer voice saying "Working... working..." And I like hearing her doing her best to describe her day, perhaps something she saw or something she heard.  

It's just absolutely fantastic!

Which isn't to say the Babby doesn't sometimes say nonsensical things or play with sounds instead of talking or engage in out loud pretend dialogs that have nothing to do with us. But still, I love that when God was handing out toddlers, I got a chatty one!

What crazy thing has your kid said lately? (Recently, the Babby said: "Sometimes my eyeballs fall out." AAAAGH! Creeptastic!)


  1. I can't say that Ev says too much that is wackadoo yet, but I have taught him some choice word usage. He now excitedly calls my attention to his loud fun-times by saying "Mama! Mama, I craaaazy!" And yesterday he learned the word "goober".

  2. Oh man, if he's anything like the kids I knew growing up (aka my siblings)then he's going to spend the next 15 or so years saying crazy stuff to you! Stuff that makes you say, as my dad often does to this day, "Ohhhhhhhkaaayyyyyyy."

    It only gets weirder from here... or maybe that's just my weird family, heh.

  3. It's so fun when they get old enough to talk to you! I remember that excitement so well!

  4. I can just picture Babby taling away with an earnest expression on her face. Marlie just learned to say weeeee! So everything that is good in her eyes is weeee! and gross/bad stuff is ewww.


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