Friday, April 22, 2011

Gratitude: It's Not Easy When It's Toddler Tantrum Time!

Every now and then I'm feeling angry at myself for my impatience with the Babby and angry at the Babby for her newly developed indecisiveness. "I want to go to the playground... I don't want to go to the playground... I don't want to do anything... I want to go to the playground!" Then I'm angry at who-knows-who because I'm at work instead of sharing the best hours of the Babby's day with her. I feel like life stinks and everything stinks and how could it possibly get worse. Etc., etc.

gratitude and toddlers

And then, without fail, I am whomped on the head - I mean absolutely knocked out - when I read something written by someone with ACTUAL PROBLEMS who nonetheless maintains a super upbeat attitude in the midst of what I'd consider to be soul-crushing circumstances.

It happened to me earlier this week, and I felt absolutely humbled. I am not going to share what it was I was reading because there's a part of me that feels like it's really inappropriate to trumpet a sentiment that can seem like it boils down to "Whew, I'm glad I'm not her." Because it's not that. It's more like I suddenly remember how to be grateful for what is, however you look at it, a pretty okay life.

P.S. - Wondering what I wore to work this intense, stressful week? (I'm looking forward to being able to buy a tiny cache of springy, summery clothes for work - as you probably noticed, I'm trying to make a lot of different outfits out of a limited rep of gear.)

P.P.S. - And really, Thursday afternoon was pretty awesome even if the Babby never had a nap other than the power snooze she grabbed in the car after a great time a the park!

P.P.P.S. - Just paid off our upstairs renovation and our plane tix to Florida, so we are once again free from credit card debt! Woo!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can't do a smokey quite like my friend does but good thing she has that video! And what an adorable photo!!

  2. Thanks very much, and you're welcome!


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