Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing For a Living: If You've Ever Wondered What Sort of Work I Do, This Is Some of It Right Here

Hope no one minds my sharing this here - it's a great cause and if you're not in a place to donate, you can always spread the word! If you know anyone at a parents magazine, feel free to share it with them - but it would be awesome to see it go around the blogging world :)

Graham's Foundation and Pampers Team Up to Celebrate Little Miracles

To Mark the Iconic Baby Care Brand's 50th Birthday, Pampers And Graham's Foundation Will Deliver 30,000 Care Packages to Lvl III NICUs Across the U.S.

Graham’s Foundation (, a non-profit prematurity-focused organization offering practical and emotional support to the parents of infants born before 29 weeks gestation, is helping the iconic Pampers brand celebrate its 50th birthday!

To mark the company's golden anniversary, Pampers – the first baby care brand to distribute disposable diapers around the globe – unveiled its year-long Little Miracles Missions program, and to kick off the initiative, Graham's Foundation and Pampers began donating 30,000 care packages to families with premature and ill newborns in Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across the U.S.

"We are ecstatic about both the opportunity to partner with Pampers to support NICU parents and the positive impact that this partnership will have on our ability to fulfill our organization's mission," said Nick Hall, who founded Graham's Foundation with his wife Jennifer after they experienced the premature birth of twins at just 25 weeks before facing the trials of the NICU and the loss of one child. "In addition to the 30,000 care packages we're helping Pampers deliver as part of the Little Miracles Mission program, Pampers is donating an additional 12,000 care packages to Graham's Foundation for future shipments to parents of micro-preemies."

The Little Miracle Missions program aims to celebrate, support, and protect babies everywhere through acts of kindness to special babies like micro-preemies and ill newborns and their families, while encouraging the amazing parents who've "been there" to support the families following in their footsteps.

"We're immensely grateful to Pampers, not only for the opportunity to give comfort and support to more parents coping with prematurity, but also because the company is helping us further our mission by matching donations we collect until [DATE], up to $20,000," added Nick. "And starting the first week of May, people can donate points from the Pamper's Gifts to Grow Rewards program to Graham's Foundation, up to an additional $20,000."

About Graham's Foundation
Graham’s Foundation assembles and sends care packages designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of parents of micro-preemie babies by providing goods and services that are both practical and inspirational. The charitable organization was founded in 2009 by Nick and Jennifer Hall, who experienced the rollercoaster ride of being parents in the neo-natal intensive care unit, losing their son Graham after 45 days, and their daughter Reece’s four-month NICU stay. For more information, visit


  1. Please tell me it is awesome to write for a living because that's what I want to do

  2. Er, define awesome? I love it, but I'm one of those people who loved doing research papers in high school and college. I get a big rush out of not just writing the stuff I want to write, but also researching topics totally unfamiliar to me and then trying to write from the perspective of expert. That's my kind of fun, so I think writing for a living is pretty awesome in that regard. BUT the money in freelance writing is not at all what it once was, even when you're talking about magazine work and high profile stuff. That part? Not so fun, and why I am sitting in an office right now.


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