Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspired By: You Look Fab

So this is my first attempt to participate in my friend Audrey's Inspired By blog hop! and I'm afraid I'm rather dense because I can't for the life of me figure out how to link this post - or if I'm supposed to. My familiarity with Linkys starts and ends with the big listy ones where everyone features their giveaway, so a blog hop is something new!

Of course, I haven't had a single moment lately to actually create anything. My original intention, when I decided I'd participate, was to share a bunch of inspiring images that have helped me when I was thinking about what to sew or deciding on the theme of the Babby's second birthday party. That sort of thing. But all that's in the past, and I wanted to share something that's inspiring me right now, in the present.

And that something is You Look Fab

The project it inspired, of course, is What I Wore to Work, my weekday morning photo project:
As you may or may not know - depending on who's reading this - I dress up for work and my wardrobe is not particularly extensive. So when I decided I'd be dressing up for work, I took an analytical approach to the whole thing. I started researching how other people manage to look like they're wearing something new every day. How professional types all seem to have so many clothes. And how, exactly, do some cool folks manage to combine clothes so creatively?  

(Seriously, if it's not jeans, ballet flats, and a black t-shirt, I do not instinctively understand it.)

I was pretty happy to find You Look Fab and its easy to understand guides to capsule dressing and outfit creation. And the clothes the writer talks about look easy to wear, not fussy or weird like outfits on The Sartorialist or more fashion-oriented web sites.

It's funny - clothing actually came up yesterday at our monthly mommies wine night and more than one person in attendance implied that dorky ol' me is stylish. Moi! Well, guess what, ladies! Any personal style I might have is mostly due to my having enrolled in my own unofficial Clothing U. a few years back because I was sick of looking like someone who didn't know anything about clothes.

Which, of course, I was. And still pretty much am. But I'm learning, and as shallow a pursuit as it is, I'm still interested in any cute clothing inspiration you want to share!


  1. Oooh. For some reason the code from the first hop was what was showing up. Cut this from your post and paste in the new code, which I've taken the liberty of adding you to. :D

  2. Also, this is awesome. I've been intrigued by your "what I wore to work" photos. And I agree with something someone else once said, you could totally do a book on it. It could be a 'how to look fabulous every day with only X items in your wardrobe' type of thing with mostly pictures and creative styling tips.

    I'm kind of pushing the book thing these days aren't I? :"D

  3. Push away! If I'm ever going to have any more books published, it'll probably be because someone poked me to do it!

  4. I am afraid I have forgotten all the styling skills I used to have when I was working. I was following the website of the woman who wore the same dress for a year to raise awareness about poverty. She accessorized the hell out of that dress.


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