Friday, April 8, 2011

Today I've Been Thinking About...

toddler wintertime activities
  • The fact that I still need to sit down and follow everyone who was sweet enough to follow me during my last giveaway. I promise I'll get around to it, everyone! 
  • How lucky I am to have even landed a job with the economy being what it is - and then a job that's really close to home that offered me a shortened day so I still get to spend some quality non-nighttime time with the Babby.
  • Possibly doing a giveaway of something I made myself, like an owl pillow maybe. Would any of y'all be interested in something like that? The thought of hosting a homemade giveaway and then having no one enter makes me all queasy. 
  • Trying to really stay focused on the positive, even though I'm not exactly satisfied with the direction life is taking me right now.
  • Losing those last pesky 10 pounds. I know, I know, how utterly girly of me. But hey, being thin is a lot cheaper than being beautiful, so what the heydog.
  • Maybe trying to redesign my own blog or paying someone to do it for me. I would love a professional blog redesign - especially whipped up by someone who could make me into a cool looking cartoon - but I don't exactly have the money to spare for that at the mo'.
  • How much I wish I could see my siblings more often! They're all pretty darn cool... and pretty darn far away, yuck.


  1. I was equally nerve wracked when I hosted my homemade giveaway last month. But people entered and I was encouraged, so I'm hoping to do another one really soon. So my vote is: DO EEET!!!

  2. Visiting from SITS (or possible hopping around other SITS blogs)

    Loving that photo! Super cute!

    I just had my blog redesigned - wasn't terribly spendy. Let me know if you want more information. I would love to pass a long any help that I can!

  3. Hello there! Thanks for adding Small Burst to your list of links:) I'm like you, i miss my siblings too and they are much too far. I really love hanging out with everyone and when we visit we're all stuck together and that's just how we like it. We don't have any sibling rivalry or any drama. I'm betting your family is the same way. Consider us blessed!

  4. I just love a good brain dump. You know I'd enter you handmade giveaway! I am working on a blog makeover too. Let me know if you want the name of the designer I am using. She is reasonable.

  5. @Kimberly and @ Teresha Please do pass any bloggy design info along! My email is in the sidebar :)

    And thanks for the nice comments, all!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving this sweet comment.

    Congratulations on finding a job that's even close to home!!! You and your kid will do great :) and good luck with those last 10 pounds, you made it so far, you will go even further! It's all about the mind :)

  7. I'd actually be more likely to enter a giveaway for one of your homemade goodies than for something from a random company (as much as I love your sponsors)!

  8. Okay then, ladies, expect to see something homemade in a giveaway in the next few weeks!


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