Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Adventures of Toddler Led Toilet Training - PottyTraining for the Lazy

toddler led toilet training
Those who have been reading this little blog for long enough know that the BabbyDaddy and I have taken a very laissez-faire approach to potty training or toilet training or whatever weird thing you call it in your household. Elimination not in a diaper. You get the idea. I'm calling it 'toddler led toilet training,' just to make myself feel better about our overall laziness when it comes to the potty.

We should probably have been a little more proactive about the potty in recent weeks, but with a trip to Europe happening in, ohmigosh, about a month and a half, it didn't make much sense to really push toilet training.

Do I want to be roaming the German countryside looking for a toilet for a toddler who absolutely insists she needs one because we have conditioned her to think urinating or defecating in a diaper is uncool? No. Do I want to have to cope with accidents on top of coping with language difficulties? (My German being a bit a lot rusty.) Which is why the Babby's potty has been sitting in the bathroom more or less untouched for some time now.

Potty training? And lose the convenience of diapers?!

Hey, we read Once Upon a Potty pretty frequently. And though it may turn some of you off, I have an open door bathroom policy when it comes to toddlers. So it isn't as if the Babby does not know what the potty is all about and what toilets are for and the overall deal with regard to peeps and poops. If the Babby wants to use the potty, she knows how to ask - and most of the time, she doesn't ask or she does ask, and then she sits on the potty for twenty minutes and nothing actually happens.

Lately, though, I think our choice to not push the potty and to go with a toddler led toilet training method is actually paying off because the Babby is not only asking to use the potty, but also urinating once on it. 

And so my conundrum is this: Do I continue with the toddler led toilet training, following the Babby's lead 100% or do I start offering encouragement and doing a little bit of potty pushing? Do I wait until after we're back from our European family reunion or do I pick up the potty training pace now?

Feel free to offer advice, encouragement... even harsh criticism, if you're so inclined! 

On an unrelated note, I can't believe that the Babby at close to two and a half years old still fits comfortably in and enjoys sitting in her Bumbo seat. That thing is just fantastic!


  1. I have NO ADVICE! Potty training is so different for every kid, but one thing remains the same each time:
    I hate it.

  2. Well now of course I have to ask what has traumatized you so with regard to the potty! ;-)

  3. We decided to wait until we got home for our trip to Disney. Now we're back and ummm... I'm so not interested in getting started, but I know it's time and the longer I wait the harder it will be. We'll get started soon-ish.

  4. It's definitely not one of those fun tasks, Erin! Or maybe it is for some people? The Babby likes sitting on the potty, but like I said there are plenty of times she sits for ages and nothing happens.

  5. I am just in the throws of the PT myself, but I do find that a balance of baby-led and parent-push is working. I think the key is that all parties are ready and on board. Don't sweat it until you get back from your trip because, you're right, travel does throw everything off


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